3000 ramp weight - is all 3000 of it usable?

I have a toy that is nearly the maximum weight of the ramp of a G4000.

TL:DR - Has anyone driven a 3000 pound toy up the ramp and how did the ramp perform for you?

While I understand that not all that weight is on the ramp at once or very long when dealing with a toy longer than the ramp itself, I still want to see if anyone has any experience coming near the weight rating limits.

Maybe I am overthinking this or being overly conservative, but I try to stay at 80% max of any weight ratings (such as payload, tow capacity, or GVWR).

While I have drunk the Kool-aid that Brinkly is better engineered and assembled than others, I also don’t want to be the first guy who breaks his ramp trying to stuff a considerable-sized toy into the garage.

I am close but within the limits of the overall payload capacity with water and propane. Under if I don’t load 150 gallons of water.

And, yes, I have the tow capacity to pull the 4000 with all this weight with room to spare under the 80% margin I give myself.