3100 battery drain mystery

New 3100 owner here. I know this must be something simple. My 3100 with 2-100ah lithium batteries seem to drain too much overnight while not using it. I have all main switches off at the control panel, no lights or fridge on, and I seem to lose 25%+ of battery capacity overnight. The batteries charge up well with the single 370w solar during the day, or on shore power. Any ideas where to start looking?

I would start with a multi meter and verify the SOC the Furrion gauge is displaying. Your Furrion meter may need to be programmed.

The Furrion meter requires you to adjust it for 200ah in the settings. Then to calibrate it you need to fully drain and recharge your batteries.

I have a Victron BMV-712 on my 12v batteries. I don’t trust the Furrion it did’t seem accurate to me. What I found after calibrating the Victron is the Furrion is way off. The WFCO converter (as they ALWAYS for the history of RV’s) is a horrible charger. This is not a fault of Brinkley but they just never in any rig have been good quality. They only charge the lithium batteries up about 85% in my coach.

Now I am in the process of installing Victron Inverter/Chargers and I have replaced the solar charge controller with a Victron one. If you are not going to upgrade to an inverter anytime soon then I would suggest installing a better quality converter to fully charge those lithium batteries.

If you want a better battery monitor get a Victron SmartShunt. This is pure bluetooth so you can just use the Victron app to monitor your battery state from your phone. It will give you far more useful information including details on how long till you will run out of battery and cycle counts etc.

I would replace the WFCO with a much much better converter like a Progressive Dynamic PD9160ALV:

Here is a link to all the units. You can upgrade to a larger DC output, I think the factory one is 50a DC.

So here is a slightly upgraded 60a model I would get and just unplug the old deck mount in the wet bay and plug this in. You will have a positive and negative you need to swap over. It should only take a few minutes to do.

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@Ohioguy: Make sure the Bluetooth music system (DB) is off.