3100 hydraulic leveling

Hydraulic landing gear leaking back ?

Hello. Just got our 3100 this week. The front hydraulic jacks seem to be bleeding back as the trailer seems to be about 1 inch lower than when i left it the previous day. Anyone else have this issue and if so what was the fix ?

We haven’t picked up our Z2900 yet but owning tractors a couple things come to mind. First, are you seeing any leaks around the reservoir, valves or fittings? ( I think the valves and fittings are mounted to the reservoir as a complete unit) Check the fittings at each jack as well.
I have a PTO hydraulic wood chipper that when brand new, almost every fitting was lose. Creating lots of leaks and poor performance. some were very small, others much worse. My ancient tractor loader cylinders will leak down if the seals are bad or there is a fitting leak. This can be caused by many things but, you should also check the ram portion of the jacks, rock dings on the ram will chew up the wiper seals then the internal seals creating leaks. That would be pretty obvious with film/fluid on the ram or feet.
That said, I’m not 100% sure those jacks are made the same way as a traditional cylinder but it is my assumption they would be. I’ve only owned 5th wheels with electric jacks to this point. So, some learning on my part is necessary.
If no leaks are visible, and you are still seeing an issue it could be a bad O-ring internally with the pump, pressure regulator or valve and in that case, being so new and under warrantee, I’d have the dealer check it out. I don’t think they’d be too upset if you tighten a fitting or two, but tearing into a pump or a cylinder might cause you some issues.
Just my two cents, I’m hoping it is something very simple and easy to address w/out having to return to the dealer.