3950 traveling hitch height

What is the hitch height? I want to make sure my hitch is correct before driving from Phoenix to Idaho to pick up that new unit.

It depends on how you load it. Most people use 22% of the GVWR to be safe. I believe that is 22.5K with the standard 7K axles or 23K if you add the 8K axles.

Height, not weight.
How far off the ground

It depends of the bottom of your cargo box from the ground, the height of your hitch and the height of the pinbox in order to have your unit level on the road.

So, the only way to adjust all those criterias is to hitch the unit and see if the unit is level, if not you have to unhitch and ajust the height of the pinbox or the height of your fifth wheel hitch or mayby both. Don’t forget to keep at least 6 inch of clearence between the cargo box sides and the fifth wheel

Also, if your adjust the height of your unit when empty and you don’t have the (air suspension) on your truck, you might be have to readjust the height once the unit is fill with your equipement

Good info, thank you