5th wheel hitch recommendation's for my new Brinkley G

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We are about to receive our new Brinkley G. We are towing with a 2023 GMC 3500 DRW. I understand the 5th wheel comes the Gen-Y Executive pin box. Does anyone have a recommendation for a hitch that fits the factory puck system?

I also want the hitch to be able to be covered by bed cover. Love any help in making a decision :pray:

I’d also love to hear what others are using for this. Picking up my g 3500 in two weeks! Driving a ford f-450 with puck system. I’m considering the b&w 25k companion.

I’m happy with my B&W. It’s been rock solid.

Been very happy with my B&W 25K# for the Ford puck system (F450). It is a rock solid unit and made in the USA. Comes out in about 5min by myself (in 2 pieces).

I’ve had 2 B&W’s in the past. The 1st was turnover ball type a Chevy and the 2nd was for the Ford OEM puck system. I much preferred the last but the B&W’s are very good. When they are locked, they are locked and it’s visually apparent. I chose to order our new G4000 with the Gen Y Gooseneck this time for the simplicity. Time will tell.

Confused!!! The GenY requires a Gooseneck ball in the center of the Ford/GM puck arrangement. Changing to any of the recommended hitches require you to remove the GenY and replace with a traditional pin box!!
Gooseneck ball and safety chain kit

The G’s come standard with a Gen Y 5th wheel pin box. The Gen Y gooseneck is optional.

@Gary325 - there are two version of the Gen-Y Executive. One is the gooseball version which attaches to a ball in the truck bed, and the other is a pinbox version which uses a regular 5th wheel hitch (like a B&W) in the bed of the truck. The later version is what comes standard on the Model G’s, but you can opt for the gooseball version when ordering. Both version use the exact same torsion technology.

Thanks to all who enlightened me.
I do recall both versions, but was not thinking of the pin box version.
Actually that makes sense from the Brinkley standpoint. This version does not make you get the goose ball installed in your bed if you did not have the factory puck system.

Sorry to bring back this older thread, but I wanted to seek input from more experienced people who are already owners and already towing their G3500 or G4000s.

I am trying to decide between the BW 5th wheel hitch, where the max rating is 25k, versus a Curt, where you can go up to 30k, both with the ability to attach to the puck system in a GMC 3500 dually.

I wanted to ask if you feel safe with a 25K BW for the G4000 with a GVWR of 22,500 lbs.

Yes, I understand my weight won’t be the full GVWR, but when I put in my heavy toys, full of water, and fuel, and load the trailer, I will certainly be using up a lot of it.

TL;DR—Does a 25k hitch have enough safety margin for a fully loaded G4000, or should I go to a 30k-rated hitch?

I have the payload for either. I tend to be conservative with towing set-ups, but I just don’t have that much experience with fifth wheels, and certainly, this would be the heaviest thing I have ever tried to tow.

I like the design of the BW over the Curt, but keep in mind this is all internet keyboard warrior searching and reading up and watching countless videos on both, and I have NO experience with either.

I’m now 6k miles in on my b&w 25k and have enjoyed it. I don’t have any other brand to compare it too but I find it easy to take in and out, and it provides a pretty smooth ride. Things got much smoother after 1k miles.

We have the B & W 25k puck system in our 2024 GMC. Works great.