7 pin pulse problem

Does anyone have a work around for the 7pin issue? We have the adapter, but no power to the camera or running lights.

Your dealer should have told you, you need an adapter cable for some trucks. I was under the impression mostly GMC/Chevy products, Furrion makes an adapter. Some off brands on Amazon you can get:


I have a 2022 GMC HD
It uses PWM on the 7 way plug and the camera wont work without this adaptor.

PWM adaptor


We have the adapter, but the running lights not camera work.

You have to have the head lights on.

The headlights are on. No power running lights or camera. Makes traveling plans a little more difficult at night, or not at all.

@ThreatLevelMidnight, @tkostansek Thank you for the heads-up on the 7 pin camera adapter for GMC trucks. I have a 2024 GMC 3500 AT4. We ought the truck to pull our new 2024 Z3100. We picked up the Z3100 this past week, and when we went to hook up the camera, we ran into our first issue. The camera requires a cigarette lighter outlet for its power. The 2024 GMC truck has zero cigarette lighter outlets. Who the heck uses those these days, anyway? Outdated technology. The truck has a ton of USB power outlets, but not a single cigarette lighter one. So I ordered an adapter from Amazon. Then I saw your post about needing a 7 pin adapter to get power to the camera on GMCs trucks, so I order that as well. Both arrived today, and I tried them both out. The USB to cigarette lighter adapter worked fine, and I used the new 7 pin adapter, which worked great too. Camera worked fine. I decided to see what would happen if I didn’t use the adapter, and found the camera would cut in and out. I’d get a view and then a no connection message on the display. This would go on and on. Put the adapter you recommended back on, and not a single issue. Thanks so much for the recommendation. The dealer said nothing about this to me. There is so much I need to learn about this new RV. This forum is a fantastic resource. I hope I can contribute going forward, For now, I’m just reading, and learning.

I’m glad it worked for you, my problem was a little simpler now, I had a blown 30 Amp fuse, however, all the other lights except the running lights. But the replaced the fuse and now we are back in business.

Update to my issue, all the fuss was over a blown 30 Amp fuse, even if the fuse is blown some items will still work: brakes, brake lights, turn signals, hazards, but no running light or back-up camera.