A few mods completed over the last two weeks

Completed a few mods on our new G3500.

  • Replaced the LCI Aluma-Tread bouncy stairs with Torklift Revolution Glowstep stairs. I had these on my previous Momentum and removed before the trade-in.
  • Not sure why Brinkley uses a barrel cam lock on the little door for the retractable power cord that doesn’t match the key for everything other lock on the RV. Rather than carrying yet another key, I swapped it out with a 0.875in barrel cam lock from Bauer Products (ordered two of them with my existing keycode on the gray keyset). The cam required a minute or two of filing to fit the backside of this cam lock but easy peasy.
  • I didn’t like the twist cam lock on one side of the fuel bay door and wanted it fully locking. I used the other keyed alike barrel cam lock I bought and replaced the twist cam lock with it, and added thumb pulls to both locks on the fuel door.
  • I mounted the ladders out of the way below the loft. I had done the same on my previous Momentum. Just need some Quick Fist clamps, figure out where studs are and drill a few pilot holes.

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I have been prepping our G4000 to become the new full-time residence. Converting the garage into storage/office/bedroom for the kiddo.

I reversed the guardrail on the loft to shift the ladder over, allowing room for the storage hutch.

Built a flat floor for the beavertail area (losing the access to the hatch, maybe I fix this in the future).

Then mounted the hutch to the wall with rivnuts and some custom brackets.

Removed the bunk couches and built a closet system from an old Ikea bookshelf.

And relocated the underloft light (sorry about the paint, need the right color white).

Moving the loft rail is brilliant!

It’s super easy, the loft is self supporting, and there are two screws on the ceiling and two on the fixed wall to patch. We will use the sides of the access for storage.


Can you give me the exact measurements and what parts you used to secure your ladders to the loft. Also what model number did you get for your upgraded steps?

Thanks Rick

Clamps are Quick Fist Mini (5/8 to 1-3/8) #30050. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006NOC8Q6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
I don’t recall the size of screw - I want to say 1-1/4in multi-pupose screw and used a stud finder to figure out where to drill pilot holes and mount.

The stairs are Glowstep Revolution #A8004. I needed the spacer kit as well (A8020), but I only used one of them - found those online for half price at an RV surplus store.

@Brother_Bluto can you post a pic or two of the queen nightstands? Our unit had the king bed and we swapped for a queen, and need to come up with something.


Sorry for the quick photos - slides are in and pulled the sheets.

Thanks for the photos, those are great! The dealer wants $140ea for the nightstands, plus freight. They couldn’t get me any pics, so just trying to understand what I would be getting for the $$. I think I will probably build my own when I get some time. Transitioning to full-time RV life has been hard, finally closed on the selling of our house, and still trying to figure out where to put stuff in the RV and how to live in 450SF again.

I have never seen those before myself. I like the space but they are well done for those who want a queen!

My son inhabits the top bunk in the toyhauler and it was always messy, with stuff hanging over the edges. I built him a storage bin and rigged him up some power for charging his electronics. The cable track was a bit bigger than I had planned, but it works for now. We also blacked out the glass door to the living room so we don’t wake him if we are up early.