AC Question... I'm confused

I’m a Mobile Suite owner and it’s been an excellent RV for nearly 20 years but I’m considering a Z2900 or 3100.
I can do a lot of maintenance things myself. But I’m puzzled about what I’ve been reading or watching on YouTubFirst, does the 2900 have a ceiling unit in the bedrooom.
I understand that the newer models (newest vin numbers) of either model have moved the furnace sensor to the living area wall thermostat. But do the AC ceiling units still put the cooling sensor in the AC
discharge air flow, within the unit itself.

Do you need to move the sensor somewhat or replace it with an aftermarket plug-in to get good cooling? I live in Texas and you really need good AC.

The AC issue may be a show stopper for me.


All Furrion AC’s except the new Furrion Chill Cube mini split like one (which will be the one in the main living room if you are buying one built late fall 2023) will have the sensor for room air temperature in the return cooling duct for the unit.

Thread on the forum about this Furrion AC thermostat temperature not accurate, this issues goes well beyond Brinkley and issues with rigs from many companies.

Grand Design apparently was offering customers with Furrion AC’s a relocation kit under warranty thread here and here but as I understand it this only really fixes the heating issue. Brinkley has been using the newer wall thermostat that has the heating sensor on the bottom.

Here is the new one that you can see the thermometer poking out the bottom:

The issue is wide spread enough that the makers of the WiFi thermostat from Micro Air updated the software so that for Furrion units the thermostat cycles the fan on to get that sensor to read the indoor temperature properly.

It does not seem to be an issue with mine, it seems that the biggest issue is the air dumps from the AC’s are causing a problem for newer units. I get the impression it is much worse in the 3610.

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@starman I am super frustrated with the Furrion Chill AC’s myself. I have been working with Lipper/Dealer/Brinkley. It is hard to get good diagnostics right now till it warms up a bit more.

The major issue we are seeing is in the 3610’s which have a mid bunk and the dump is reflecting cool air back into the intake because Brinkley put the AC unit on top of a cabinet. I am not sure how bad it is in a 2900/3100 because it would only be the bedroom AC that has this issue.

The bedroom still not what I would consider working great but it is better. You do not want to move the “room air sensor”, I am sure a fix will happen but the wall I hit is “this is not happening to anyone else”. How many Brinkley’s are currently in the south with AC on is my question…

Furrion said the Chill Cube is going to be coming in a low profile edition soon. That unit will be 8k and would really probably retrofit the bedroom and mid bunk. Especially since it is a variable speed compressor so it will only ramp up to the BTU’s needed to run vs running full bore like the current units do.

I live in the North so I have not tested the AC yet, got the Z3100 in October 2023, a 24 model, mine has the furnace thermostat (Mechanical) by main entry door, a separate AC with a remote in living, and the separate unit with the control Sparkles169 mentioned.
We tested it when we took the unit, it cooled quite quickly at that time. The service guy (not sales) that was going over this with us said “these brinkleys have really good AC” - but i guess only time will tell as we get into summer months.
When the compressor in the bedroom unit kicks in, it draws significant power, indicating to me it a unit sized pretty well, and the digital thermostat seems to be to be reading fairly accurate room temps. So my guess would be it should have no issue keeping cool, but what the fluctuations would be i dont know.

The 3610 owners are really having a struggle with this issue and the mid bunk. I think it only a matter of time before Brinkley is going to have to address this as a design flaw and come up with a fix. In the Facebook group for Brinkley Owners we are not seeing a bunch of 3610 owners repeating the exact same issue with the compression short cycling over the weekend.