Adding Starlink to your new Brinkley

I am new here and just purchased my new Model Z 3100 – SO HAPPY TO BE A OWNER :man_dancing: :sparkler: :fireworks:

My first question is the rep showed me the wire thingy that goes in the kitchen pantry. I want to get and wire up my Starlink on the roof. What are my options and how have people done this? Any information not only about wiring but my Starlink options will be tremendously helpful!


Why do you want Starlink over a 5G connection? I am trying myself to figure this out but it seems like Starlink is expensive.

If you camp in rural areas Starlink will provide service that you can’t get from 5G. You need to be fairly close to a tower to get true 5G speeds as in a mile or so.

@CrossCountry which Dish do you have because each have slightly different options. The current High Performance flat dish is the easiest but also a permanent mounting location on the roof.

You have an outlet in the pantry. You could plug in the Starlink router and then simply run the cable up to the roof.

If you are going to do that it will come out the black tank vent not the white ones if I recall correctly. It’s easier to pop the vent cap from the roof and drop the cable down.

Then run it along the roof to your desired location. Many people cut strips of Eternabond tape to hold the wire from flapping around on the roof.

Not sure what dishy you have but assuming it is the gen 2 or gen 3 dish; look at these company’s who make roof mounts:

I just got the v3 Starlink dish myself as a upgrade. What I like is the connection to the dish is shielded Cat6a. Some initial hunting around in the televator compartment it looks like if you are facing it, the back left is where the wires run out the slide and to the outside. I was thinking of mounting the router in that compartment on the wall then running either 1) dedicated custom made cat6 directly outside to a keystone jack 2) Making a custom length cable that fits my pole and ground mount needs and keep it curled up in a box under the rear somehow.

Both options have some drawbacks with water intrusion and how to secure everything. I also don’t want it to look like a DIY project so whatever solution it needs to be elegant.

I wish we had a access port to the outside from the truck.

Hooking up my Starlink, I simply routed the cable from the dish that is mounted on an external pole, beneath the unit and up through the cargo compartment where the gray/black tank valves are and water supply hose is located; an easy and simple install. The wireless function works perfectly to the wireless TVs with the StarLink unit inside the cargo compartment.

I have my Starlink power supply and router mounted in the front compartment behind the sliding doors with this mount:

Then I have my dish stored in the front compartment on travel days with this

I ran the cable out the hatch at @AgAir did but I attached it to the frame with magnet loops and then I have a box that I stuck to the frame where I loop up the cord when I am traveling. So when I setup I just pop open the watertight box that has cable ports and attach the few feet to my Flag Pole Buddy with Starlink 3 mount.

Thanks for putting me on to this thread. I missed it entirelly.

I just put a waterproof electrical storage box on magnets under the living room slide. I now just coil out the wire the last few feet to the ladder. I also carry a shielded Cat6a water proof adapter so I can extend the ethernet cord from that location to ground mount when I need to.

The 5G range info is incorrect. You can get better than Starlink speed at 5 to 10 miles from a tower.

I carry two 5G routers and I have never had an issue getting a signal. NOT EVEN IN YELLOWSTONE!!

My first router is the PEPLINK Max br1.

It is MIMO 4 and has dual band wifi 6. I have an External MIMO4 directional antenna connected and have seen speeds over 500Mbs and its capable or 1Gb.
and the service cost 30 a month on Tmobile.

The Second one my work pays for. Verizon
and Im using the Cheetah V2

Its also MIMO4 and has dualband Wifi 6
It has proven to be faster and i can get speeds over 800Mb in the city and never below 6mb in the Country.
Either way there have been maybe two times that I didnt get a signal at all the neither of them was I camping but traveling to or from somewhere.

The worst it ever got was in SD at the blackhills and I was still getting 6mb down. And the dude camping next to me with starlink was only getting serivce every few hours. I guess the sattelites were getting ecliped by the mountain we were camping by.

I would recommend at least trying 5G first as its so much cheaper.
A good sorce of info is NaterTater on youtube!! He goes over all the 5G options. And most easliy apply to Mobile use.

BUT IF YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE INTERNET. Starlink is your best bet.

But until it gets cheaper Im not going there.

Having just read through this again. Did you say that the conduit to the roof is using the black tank vent?

So if you remove the plug in the pantry you will get blacktank smell. Or Im assuming you should cut a hole in the cover and replace and seal it once you have your cables ran up to the roof.

Do you leave the box attached to the outside frame when you travel? Any chance you can share the type of box you use? I’m totally new to Starlink! Thanks!