Air compressors for high PSI tires on Model Z

Anyone have suggestions on what air compressor they have been using. I was at a truck stop with air in the diesel lanes and checked my tires. I realized for the first time that their sideway max cold inflation should be 123lbs.

Do we even know the correct PSI for the tires or should I just go max?

I go with max psi when cold. I keep an eye on the treadwear, if the center gets worn down 1st then i begin dropping 10 psi to try and keep tread wear even.
This is all load dependent.
You tube has video on how to ball park with chalk.

looks like all I need for tire inflation pressure is 75 lbs according to Cooper’s tire inflation chart.

15,000 lbs - 2500 lbs pin = 12,500lbs tire load / 4 = 3125 lbs per tire

That is a great start.
Find a scale, catscale, and weigh the rig so you know actual full weight.
Keep an eye on the tire temperature through tpms. If tire temps go to high add more air. Squishy tire get warmer.

I have been told in the past to always run max PSI as designated by the markings on the sidewall. FYI: Some truck lanes have air compressors on both sides of the island. They are high PSI so that may be an options but obviously this is not a majority of truck stops.

Running more air in your trailer tires just shakes everything inside and stresses the trailer frame more than needed. Brinkleys 125 PSI level is just too high according to the tire manufacturer.

I run the sidewall pressure 123 which is how much was in mine when I picked it up.

mine says recommended air pressure of 123lbs of the sticker on the drivers side. customer care recommend anything above 90lbs.

You asked what air compressor people are using. I went with the Viair 450P-RVS. It’s one of the most expensive portables they have. However, if you go to Viair website and find the big chart that compares all the specs (which I just tried to do but it is unavailable do too website updates) then the reason becomes clear. The duty cycle is 100%@100 psi and it only draws 23 amps. That pump it built way better than the lesser models which draw over 30 amps and only a 25 or 30% duty cycle. This is a huge difference. Between my 6 truck tires calling for 80 psi and 4 trailer tires needing 125 psi my choice was easy. To my surprise it came with two hoses that can be linked together for super long reach, 60 feet i think. I also modified the electrical connection so I can use the 7 pin trailer connector as a power source instead of the battery. I have used a lesser version on my car for over 10 years and it has always worked flawlessly. Used this new 450 once so far and it worked as expected. Just my 2 cents.

I have had a Viar air compressor for several years. Bought it for the RV. But last year purchased a Milwaukee M18 Cordless Tire Inflator. It’s rated to deliver 150lbs PSI. The Milwaukee is quick and simple to use, and a bit more compact than the Viar.

I just got back from a 1,500 mile drive with my tire pressure set to 105psi and there was minimal increase in tire running temperatures and no visible signs of tire wear. Brinkley’s recommended tire pressure is too high. Other trailer manufacturers of similar size and weight recommend 110psi.

I use this one and its awesome. You just set the pressure you want and it inflates to that exact pressure. And it runs from a Standard dewalt 20V battery. It can inflate to 280 LBS

DEWALT 20V MAX Tire Inflator