Anyone add RV Airflow

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I am looking at adding batteries to the RV and running offgrid while dry camping. Looking at ways to improve the efficiency so I use less power from generator or battery. I keep seeing RV Airflow YouTube videos but does the thing ACTUALLY work? It is all just advertising, anyone have a real honest review?

@RoamingSoul agree on Facebook, it’s like the only way to use the internet is to signup with a 3rd party, well we have an independent home now.

Most of our AC’s dump so I don’t think you can install RV Airflow. I installed one on my last Grand Design rig and it defiantly made it quieter. I was at the time attempting to get airflow in the bedroom to be better from the single ducted AC. I am not sure it ever worked properly because of the design of the RV (not the RV Airflow). I also installed the Wacko quiet cover thingy…that worked amazing to make the AC units very quiet.

Since my Z has these janky ducked AC to the same room that have to use the dump, I was looking for vent products to help improve performance. Keystone has the Blade vent: Keystone Blade™ A/C System Keeps RV's Cooler - Keystone RV. The RV Airflow folks have a new product coming out AIRDIRECT:

I don’t know if it was any more efficient but it worked to make it quiet. I should have taken real airflow numbers to test it.

Im in process of trading in my G.D. Solitude on a G. Havent taken posession of it yet but I have RV Airflow in my Solitude. They do work as advertised. They’ve increased my airflow to the outlets quite a bit. However, you will lose airflow at the plenum as its designed to block air there and send all the airflow to the outlets in the racetrack system. Im not sure if RV Airflow is compatible with the Brinkley A/C system(lippert?) But I’ll be researching when I get the new RV.

I agree I am not sure the measured airflow increase but possibly. It does make it measurable different in sound.

@thechazzz Have they switched the Z’s main AC to the Furrion Chill Cube so it would’t be ducted as it’s basically a mini-split?

Also look into this new product which is a fraction of the price. I will say that I had to use a ton of foil tape on the RV Airflow kit, so much so that I called them and showed how it did’t fit the Dometic Brisk II at the time.

@Flyboy1971 I can confirmed all the AC’s are ducted and compatible.

@tgardner Very interesting product, it’s is much less expensive then the RV Airflow foam but how does it help with reducing noise?

Does any of this stuff actually work? I see videos but I still feel like it is all fake.

Doubt they actually meaningfully impact the AC. If this was such a easy fix why wouldn’t Dometic or Furrion and other AC manufacturer include them?

They do work as advertised IMO (on ducted units). GD includes one on the main unit in their Momentum line. I added to my other two units and very noticeable difference.