Anyone figure out a port hatch solution for the water hose?

I hate that when I open up the port hatch to put the water line thought that I huge hole is being opened. Does anyone know where I can get a accessory hatch that would allow me to limit just the water hose though and keep it sealed from the outside?

Mine came with a hatch with a slot that the hose fits through. My Z is vin 1832, so a pretty recent build.
It’s like this one
Halotronics RV 4 1/4-inch Round Electrical Cable Hatch for 30 Amp Cords (Black)

Was it as twist on hatch or was it like the one you sent? The one in my Z is a twist on type.

Mine by the water hose is like the one I sent.

Argh mine is like this:

I was hoping that someone made one that was a replacement insert vs replacing it.

Got me thinking, why not 3d print an adapter that reduces the opening down to size that fits the available hinged “hatch” made just for this. I bought THIS “hatch” as its 5" wide then 3d printed the adapter. Observe on the underside of adapter I designed in some “meat” for the screws (that hold down the hatch) to bite into. The outer diameter matches the existing outer ring from my rig. I plan to print another and put on the passenger side. I do need one of these to bring my Starlink wire into basement.

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@wudwork are you going to sell it?

I found these when looking on Etsy

Just visited the local dealer and looked at a Z2900 (1988) and noted this on the port side:

This version does not have the thin blades to center the hose. The hatch fits their house diameter perfectly.
Kudos to Brinkley for making this change.
The other side is still the same.

They are offering the new version as a replacement from a dealer.

It does NOT have the fins? That has been my hesitation ordering, I hate the fins then bent and break and cut up your hands after a few years.