Anyone install SumoSprings?

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I got my G in July but I am worried about suspension. I have contacted Morryde for the IS but I can’t pull the trigger on it yet. I have read about SumoSprings in the past, anyone have any experience with them or have used them yet?

Here is a link to what I was thinking

I have a Z but I am also interested in SumoSprings. I talked with Morryde and they said for the Brinkley’s right now the are not offering the bold on version but just the cut and replace version of the IS suspension. Pretty bold to ask for $8k for something that you won’t be able to keep.

I have been looking for them on my Z. I also have the Gen Y gooseneck so I am hoping that they help dampen the ride even more. My last ring we flattened and broke some leaf springs, I understand the SumoSprings help prevent that.

I ordered 3 set, wowza are they expensive but the price you pay for a triple axle camper. I got the black ones, looks like the install should be super smooth. I will report back more once I test them out.

i don’t want to sound like a salesperson - but my experience with MorRyde IS has been exceptional. It’s a set it and forget it system that offers amazing results. I understand it get’s pricey, but these G series are heavy rigs - and expensive - and carrying a lot of cargo. If you can swing it - don’t mess around. I’ve been stranded in the middle of Montana - 3 hours from any city that could help, all because of inferior spring/suspension components on a crap bumper pull camper. After that, i did research, due diligence, bought a new (at the time superior GD) unit, and had MorRyde Installed. 70k + miles with tons of fun, no stress, no worry, no breakdowns. There is nothing to fail, nothing to maintain. If you are going to spend 150k on a new rig, imo - allocating 10k for a fail safe upgrade will bring years of safe, reliable, enjoyment. Below is my post from another thread asking about suspension components……

Just took delivery of my z3610 - previous was a 2018 GD Solitude 377 (same floor plan). I upgraded my Solitude after one year to the MorRyde Independent Suspension and disc brakes. They offer it as a combo and I recommend. At the time I remember how dramatic of a change it was in braking and ride quality. Having traveled about 70k miles over the past 6 years in my GD - I can say with experience the system is incredible. NO failures, no worries, no maintenance, and the stopping power and ride quality is incredible. When I ordered my 3610 a couple of months ago, I called MorRyde right away to get on the schedule for April ‘24. If it’s in your budget, don’t mess around. Get the MorRyde IS and never think or worry about it again. Side note - as I left the dealership with my new z3610 and got on the highway, the driver side cargo bay door flew open (I-96 for you familiar Michigan people) traffic was horrible, but i found a “safe” turn out. BUT, I wasn’t in my GD anymore with disc brakes and I barely stopped in time before running into the grass. This would have never happened in the GD with MorRyde so it was just another affirmation that getting the upgrade on the new unit is the right call. Hope this helps. All the best!

I thought that all G’s come with SumoSprings from the factory?


I did’t realize this at first but the Model G come with them factory standard!

I was looking at doing the Morryde IS but expensive but more importantly they are still cutting off the old brackets. I would be more inclined if they offered the new version which is bolt on.

yeah, I do understand the expense is a huge consideration. the MorRyde IS becomes part of the coach per say. I like to share my enthusiasm for the few products I genuinely believe in from my own personal experience, so when I saw this thread, I thought I would chime in. Best of luck with everything you decide to do and happy travels!

FYI: I reached out and Morryde and here is the current pricing for the IS:

The independent suspension completely replaces your traditional leaf-spring, shackle, and straight axle set-up. The independent suspension’s design will allow each wheel to roll independently over the rough spots on the road without reverberating the shock across to the other wheel. This independent design is combined with a unique rubber shear spring. The rubber shear spring will cushion and absorb shock. It is also engineered to give you 5.5” of wheel travel instead of 2” of wheel travel a stock equalizer will give you. The increased suspension travel, independent wheel action and ability of rubber to cushion shock allows the IS to provide:
Much smoother towing
Improved tow-ability and handling
Better protection of the trailer, its’ components and contents from damaging road shock
The IS system can be retrofitted at our MORryde service center in Elkhart, Indiana (574-293-1581), Henderson’s Line-up in Grants Pass Oregon (541-326-4033), or at New Horizons RV in Junction City, KS for IS/DISC combo upgrade only (Alysia Mcollough, 785-238-7575 ext. 128). This limited installation is to ensure the quality of the installation is maintained. At our facility in Elkhart, we do have electrical hook-ups for you to use. We will want you to come to our facility by noon the day before your appointment so we can measure your unit. The day of your appointment your unit will be pulled in for the work. The IS installation will take approximately 1 ½ days. 
A product that is gaining in popularity with towable owners is a disc brake conversion. The disc brakes take the place of the traditional electric brake. The disc brake package uses a pump to send the fluid to each of the wheels. An electric controller is still located in the truck to send the signal to the pump. The advantage of the disc brake package is :
Much shorter stopping distance
Smoother and quieter braking operation
Reduced brake fade
Please see the estimated quotes below:
Tandem 7K IS                                 
Tandem 8K IS                                 
Triple 7K IS                                      
Triple 8K IS                                      
Tandem 7K IS and Disc Brakes
Tandem 8K IS and Disc Brakes
Triple 7K IS and Disc Brakes
Triple 8K IS and Disc Brakes
Tandem Disc Brake                         
Triple Disc Brake
*Please note that the above prices are estimates and subject to change or the need for modification.  On some units, we have seen interference that requires the rerouting of lines or hoses.  In these instances, the average cost is in the $100-$200 range.  We would identify this requirement when we inspect your unit.
*The price includes parts, labor and alignment of each wheel. There is 7% sales tax on the parts only in Indiana. Should you wish to have the installation done at Henderson’s Line-Up or New Horizons, you will need to contact them for a quotation as they do have the added cost of freight and local labor costs to factor in.
An appointment and a $350 non-refundable deposit is necessary to schedule the work.

Morryde IS is sweet no doubt but what is the payback on 6k? I like the idea of disc brakes but with all the upgraded suspension options even from Morryde themselves the only thing a stock suspension is lacking is something to dampen the rebound.

For my money I would upgrade to disc brakes with wet bath hubs. Then I would add a shock kit such as this

Finally I would install three Morryde X-Factors at each shackle location.

This gives you all the benefits of the IS but without the steep upfront cost on a depreciating asset.

Life is all about prices and choices :slight_smile: For my situation, past experiences and the places I commonly travel, it wasn’t about payback, but rather a system that doesn’t fail, keeps me on the road safely while offering a superior ride quality. Everyone’s situation, experiences, and risk tolerance is unique. I’ll be listing and selling my GD this spring so it will be interesting to see if the IS and Disc Brake system will offer a better selling price point than comparable units on the market at that time.

This is a amazing system for sure. I see a number of manufactures including them stock, I would suspect when Brinkley finally makes a drop frame 5th wheel that is not a toy hauler that we may see the Morryde IS standard.

I thought all G units came with SumoSprings? I installed them on my last two GD’s (last was a 2022 Momentum 351M-R). Install of SumoSprings is very easy - approx 5 min or so per wheel and will want to jack the frame slightly to relieve pressure on springs (can also use the hydraulic levelers). A noticeable and positive ride experience.

Hello! New owner G4000 and very happy. Nothing like picking up your new G from Tampa and driving back home to TX to test out the towing. I can honestly say it’s better than our previous GD Momentum 398m
The one thing that impressed me that a lot of videos leave out is the Dexter Tow assist. It’s basically ABS with anti sway. Very smooth. We scaled at 32340 full truck(Chevy 3500 DRW) fuel with 50gal transfer tank and all our stuff and a 6 person golf cart.
I’m sure the GenY, sumos & Dexter TA improve the ride from what we had.

I am pretty sure late model GM trucks you need to disable the sway control as it interferes with the truck onboard Trailer Sway Control (TSC).

Another GD sumo frame failure on YouTube. So many people have them and being in the G from the factory feels like it’s a Grand Design issue?

You are talking about this video?

SumoSprings did’t bend the frame. They freakin drove their 5th wheel into a ditch and bottomed out on the frame. If you watch the previous video you will see that the wheels were dangling and the entire rig was resting on the frame. This is not the fault of the SumoSpring directly, a majority the suspension weight at one point or another was resting just the SumoSpring and easily could have contributed overstressed the frame. It is clear that then the rig was laying on the frame it could have easily bent the frame rail.

I :100: feel for them but this is not a GD or SumoSpring caused failure. This is just unfortunate bad luck.

G’s all come with Sumo’s factory. I think @swilcox727 was not aware and ill informed by his dealer.