Anyone using a Reese Goosebox or other gooseneck adapter

We are looking at a Z2900 in the near future and looking at towing options for a short bed Ram truck. Was wondering if anyone was using any sort of gooseneck adapter on, well, any Z-series really, and what truck cab clearance was like. The front caps look turn-radius-friendly but really can’t tell.


Brinkley specifically calls out that they recommend Reese Goose Box so yes you can install it for sure. Brinkley has videos of the Model Z’s with the GenY (as does GenY) and we know a ton of owners are going with the GenY.

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That’s awesome, thank you for the information. I’m definitely leaning toward this hitch.

What I don’t like about the Reese is you need to air it up and make sure it is adjusted properly. Brinkley on a Factory tour indicated that the GenY Executive is recommended and here it is AT the factory on their own model at the factory:

While the manual says only Reese Goose Box but the response from Brinkley Customer Care was:

That is correct, the usage of the GenY hitch will not void the warranty.

I talked with GenY and they said they have spoken to Brinkley and if a frame fails because of a GenY then they will warranty it because they are such a believer in the technology on the GenY hitches.

The reason the Z’s don’t come with it is simply a cost factor right now.

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Good to have that option. I don’t mind the ongoing maintenance of the Reese unit but if I can get a hitch that doesn’t require it, even better. Plus I was planning on using GenY’s offset ball so even better.

Saw this setup on Wayward Wags YouTube channel and seems to be working out really well for them.

I have a 3610 on a short bed GMC, I also got the GenY Executive Gooseneck over the Reese. The Reese does have shocks and an airbag; the airbag needs to be inflated between trips. Look at all the nonsense Big Truck Big RV had to do to get the Reese to match the GenY feature wise. Finally the GenY offers a upgraded lifetime warranty on the torsion flex which not sure how one replaces the airbag on the Reese.

I don’t have the 1000 miles for break-in yet but the 5er tows so smooth it is really amazing. GenY did mention to me that if your pin weight is between two different models of the hitch to go to the higher capacity one.

As for short bed towing, I have not tried it but I am pretty sure I can do a 90 degree turn. I have a flapback hard cover on the tailgate and I don’t even need to rest it on the back window, I can leave the last 1/4 folded up with plenty of clearance. I purchased the offset but honestly on the GMC side it actually moves the hitch too far back and I am pretty sure with the offset ball it will cause the hitch to hit the tailgate.

I am totally all in on the GenY it is super easy to hitch and unhitch. My ONLY complaint is alignment to a gooseneck can be challenging even with all the cameras I have in the truck. What worked for me to help alignment is I have a small. strip of tape down the centerline so I can watch the hitch and align straighter as I am backing in. With the Brinkley use stand behind the truck, use the app to push down the levelers and then you can hold the release cable on the GenY and it is as easy as can be.

Finally highly recommend that you get new bolts, just looks better and is easier since you will be missing some. Also make sure you get safety chains, I don’t like the ones they have. I got two different chains and this allows me to hook up in the bed and simply unclip them from the back of the GenY hitch when I am not using them vs climbing in the bed to unhook.

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I had the GenY king pin from factory and I swapped it over for the GenY executive gooseneck simply because I did’t want to carry around the 5 wheel.

  1. Both tow really smooth it is crazy how much better the ride is over a normal factory spec hitch. Want to stop all these frame issues how about shock absorbing kin pins on all rigs.

  2. The ability for the truck and trailer to twist is so much better. It just provides a more comfortable ride.

  3. I can do a 90 degree turn which I almost never have to do. It is also not hard to hitch up when you are not straight to the trailer’s nose.

@CosmicWorks As far as being able to align it with camera’s I can see mine but I don’t have a cover. I did find this Gooseneck Hook-Up Helper as a option…

You can also use a pool noodle.

@svanarts as far as that Reese I agree with all the above. I know people who have it and they love it over a stock king pin. Now that GenY’s are all rage I have one friend I know that swapped to it. The airbag thing is a PITA when you want to hitch, especially if say it is raining. You have to hitch up then you need to inflate till the point where the marker shows you have the right pressure. The latest version the air chuck in ON TOP of the hitch so you can’t do it from the ground. Basically that means you have to climb into the truck and carry an air compressor.

I have been able to do it all from the ground and just lean over the tailgate to unclip the safety chains.

@CosmicWorks what do you mean by the chains, the one from GenY can be ordered with a single long chain you just clip both sides to the hooks in your bed.

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That’s great info. I’ve seen people move away from the gooseneck hitches because they said hitching up is too much work. Dunno, may be because I’m coming from a bumper pull travel trailer, it doesn’t seem like that big a deal to me.

I too upgraded my Z3610 to the GenY Executive - ordered and installed at the delivering dealership. Previously, on my Solitude, I had a Lippert AirRyde and Anderson Hitch Gooseneck setup that I really liked - the towing was smooth with minimal chucking. I wanted to try the GenY so I didn’t have to mess around with airing up the hitch. My first tow was good, but it was an empty unit and well under the 1,000 mile recommended break in period. Not having anything but a ball in the bed of the truck to deal with is nothing less than amazing! F350 Short Box - and I had no turning radius issues at all. I would say at times it might be more cumbersome to hitch up than a standard pinbox and hitch - but personally I am happy for that over the weight and bulk.

I have one on my current GD rig and I would go back to a normal 5th wheel, king pin combo. It is no order then any other ball hitch to get attached. With a late model truck and the bed camera it makes it a breeze.

I know tons of people that just get a pool noodle and put it on the ball so you can see it in the rear window and help alignment. Just keep backing over it and when it gets knocked off you are in the right spot to hitch.

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GenY all the way! I can with my short bed do almost a 90 degree turn with a Chevy Silverado and not get close to the cab’s back window.

Wait till you break it in, it is butter smooth towing. Don’t get any ridge goosenecks they can and will cause frame issues. Reese or GenY but GenY is way better. Call them and talk to them, they are so excellent people to deal with. If you have any issues or fitment or just don’t like it the will refund you regardless where you bought it.

I don’t know if anyone knows but they just updated the design, I would call this the 3rd generation gooseneck. It is not a one person job, you don’t have to manually or use the pull cable (which you still need to do with the Reese btw). The new latch snaps open or snaps closed, so when you get to he campground you can use a tool to snap it open and then go back to the controls and lift the 5th wheel up to unhitch.

For those you don’t know historically I will call it gen 1 or gen 2 you needed to hold the latch open while unhitching.

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That is great info. That no questions asked refund policy is great to hear about. That would be my only concern is if it doesn’t give me enough turning room on my Ram 3500 short bed. But sounds like that won’t be a problem. Even without the gooseball extension.

The new Gen-Y looks really nice. Not only the snap-latch theankers were talking about but they have also added a (small) funnel to the opening of their hitch giving you a little wiggle room when hitching up. I think we have a winnah!

I love the idea of gooseneck over the 5th wheel. So much better use of the truck bed. I will check out this new design, makes me want to switch.

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I was reading about the Gen-Y the new latch that @svanarts noted and it sounds like they will have a automated system via bluetooth to unlock and lock it see this link

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That’s pretty interesting. Though not sure how much I would use that feature. I mean, I’m already back there to operate the landing gear to raise the trailer hitch off the ball. It would be just as easy to release the latch as long as I’m there.

I am not sure that I understood where there is. If you are using the Lippert One Control app to lower the landing gear or the control panel in the front compartment, this prevents you from needing a second person to hold the latch open. Feels like they just made it all that much easier to release and unhitch compared to the current generation of goosenecks.

I’ve never had a Gen-Y hitch but I was under the impression that the new latching mechanism on the hitch does not require being held open. You unlatch it and it stays open. At least that’s what their videos say.

Yes that is true, I was just confused about:

I’m already back there to operate the landing gear

I read that as you were going to operate the landing gear from the bed of the truck :rofl:. The landing gear will be either in the Lippert app or via the control panel which is on the drivers side pass through compartment.

Having this feature effectively means you don’t need to climb into the truck to unlatch the gooseneck. The current version has a cable, and right now the next generation GenY has a pole that you can use to pop the latch.

Can’t wait to have you be part of the Brinkley RV family!

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We are also looking at swapping out pin boxes on our Z2900, but are not interested in going to the goose ball setup quite yet. The only problem we have with the factory Rhino pin box installed at the factory is that we don’t have enough clearance to open our front storage compartment with the truck hooked up. I measured the distance from center of kingpin to the center of the first set of pin box bolts and it is 13 1/4 inches. We need something a couple inches longer to allow the storage door to clear our tailgate.
I’ve called etrailer, Moryde and even customer service at Brinkley and can’t get a good answer.
Any help would be appreciated.