Appearance protection package?

I am headed to pick up our Brinkley G 3500 next week and the dealership is really trying to get me to pull the trigger on this appearance package. Does anyone have experience with this protection package? I’ll include a little about what they say it does. I wonder how Brinkley would feel about this or if they already use something like this.

“The exterior treatment is a carbon polymer treatment that will protect against acid rain, oxidation, road de-icing agents, saltwater air, and other environmental harms that cause fading, streaks, and blotchiness. You’ll often see premature fading on the front cap of a fifth wheel, and it helps tremendously to deter this. It also helps with maintaining certain seals that have a propensity to dry rot, although seals are not directly covered in the warranty.”

I’m always skeptical on things like this. Cost is $1500 also.

Itis just a money maker for them, its either a wash on or wax on product. I wont trust an RV dealer to do it correctly.

Find a boat RV auto detailer to do ceramic coating for you with a warranty.

In phoenix i use BOB Moses ceramic

GeneralRV attempted to push Ceramic coating at some crazy cost per sq ft. When I scoffed at the price they cut it by a 1/3 and willing to keep discounting.

The issue I found is that I will need to apply it again in a couple of years and how do we know it was applied correctly. For my money I would rather use a DIY ceramic coating I can apply myself and know it was done correctly.

:moneybag: grab from the dealer IMO

Don’t do it! Our dealer finance person said “oh Honey, they put diamond dust on it!!”

Haha thanks everyone. My gut said pass, but I really appreciate the feedback.

Due to pick our 3110 this Saturday. General rv said it will void the warranty if we don’t put the coating on. Never heard this one before.

I would call Brinkley customer service and see what they say about that statement.
A dealer that says something like that would be a dealer I wouldn’t deal with.

Heck no! That is a lie. Call them on it. Brinkley upholstery is top notch and is already protected.
As far as the out side goes… i would even let them wash it.
Ceramic coating is worth it but i would never let a RV dealer apply it. Talking about sloppy. Ittakes hours, even days to do it correcly and it does not come in aspray and wash.

If you area near phoenix az then look up Bob Moses ceramic coating. Top notch. Excelent results.

Do your self a favor and decline all they offer.
Roadside : coachnet but brinkley gives you a darn good one for free in the 1st year.
Tire protection. Waist of money
Appearance protection, no way.
Extended warranty, find your own. The dealers sell a 3rd party anyway.

The finance guy got kinda mad when we said no to everything
Good luck

Called Brinkley and they said that they don’t recommend any coating on their units bc they don’t know how all of them will work with their units. Due to limited availability, this dealer is really our only option.