Batteries included?

Hi, Just ordered a new 3100 and I know that Brinkley doesn’t supply the battery but the dealer does. Are most owners only receiving one with their unit ?

For the past two coaches I purchased I asked for a store credit from the dealership. I got $125 and $250 to the dealer store and brought my own lithium batteries with me at pickup. Not a fan of cheap dealer batteries.

This was drop-in for the Brinkley since the converter is lithium capable. It seems you need to fully power down the coach AC/DC before hooking up the batteries. It seems if you don’t the converter/charger does not recognize the lithium and switch to that mode to fully charge the batteries.

I have a pair of 100ah Battle Born that I brought with me to pickup the coach. Put the fridge in travel mode (lowers the temp a bit and lowers electrical use) and traveled up to 10hr in a day and still had more than 50% power.