BattleBorn Batteries as a Standard?

I spoke with a representative from BattleBorn and he stated that they are trying to be the standard battery for Brinkley. He stated that he felt they were about a month away from this being a thing.
Wondering if there is any truth to this information?

I agree that Renogy doesn’t have the best reputation for Batteries, but not sure changing to BattleBorn at twice the price for the same size battery would be a good move either. Many folks (like me) are going to add another 200ah (bring up to 400ah) and with BB that is about a $1,700 bill (for two heated 100ah batteries). Don’t get me wrong, I am a BB fan - had 400ah of BB in my last Momentum… but so many more options out there now that are decent batteries at half the price of BB.

I hope this is not true, while I love Battle Born for what they have done. Their prices have not kept inline with the rest of the industry. I am willing to pay a premium but it seems like they are at the extreme of the price point.

If they do I hope we get away from 12v and move to 24v or better 48v personally.


I am sure BRINKLEY and battle born have a deal and are not paying the BB prices.
My new 3950 is coming sytandart with 2 BB 100ah batteries.

I already own 2 208ah batteries so…

My issue would be then you are vendor locked. Many people who boondock love to expand their battery banks over time.

BB makes an amazing battery but other options are here at far less cost.

@Capt-Kirk for the G’s are they self heating? Z’s don’t come with batteries why I ask.

I am not sure yet, it won’t be delivered till mid April.

The last word I got was they are now using Sun Cycle. I guess we will see what batteries they come with when they arrive. Our G4000 arrived at the dealer on Friday. It’s 2 hours away so I haven’t seen it yet.

Post pics when you get your new rig.

I still don’t have it yet but I have seen it. It does in fact have Sun Cycle 100Ah batteries. It did well in the inspection. The water heater was throwing a code and the GE oven wouldn’t stay lit. Both are well known and documented issues. The certified inspector was unaware of Brinkley’s non-use of silicon surface sealants.

Have seen pics of the new units with Sun Cycle batteries (by Go Power). They are just as stupidly expensive as Battle Borns which make expanding costly. I don’t have any issues with my Renogy’s, but I know they don’t have the best reputation for batteries. They really should take a hard look at the 100ah from Epoc or SOK’s 100ah as both should fit tucked under where they have them today and leave room for expansion.

You are right about that. I can get 2 x 230 Ah (SOK, Epoch, or EVO for the price of 2 of these. That’s probably the direction I am going after our 1st shakedown trip.

I am running two 208 ah SOK batteries on 600 watts of solar with a 12v DC fridge. I can get 3 to 4 days of raining days before i have to charge with the generator

Current connected gives a 10 year warranty.

Since the Lithium batteries seem like you can’t mix and match them, wouldn’t it be better if they just did not include batteries like on the Z’s. Then you can pick the brand and size that you want.

I am taking delivery of my new Z3100 on May 10. I asked the dealer about batteries and what options I had since I understood dealer installs the batteries on the Z fifth wheels. He told me that Brinkley ships two 100amp-hour batteries with the unit and the dealer installs them at time of sale. Does anyone know if Brinkley is now shipping batteries with Z3100’s or does my dealer sales rep not know what he is talking about? I guess I will find out on May 10.

I believe he is confused. Every thing I’ve seen has been no battery with the Zs, but the Gs do come with batteries.