Bedroom Slide leak

My bedroom slide leaks into the dedtoom only on bathroom side during certain wind conditions. Any ideas

Just piked up our Z3100 and were told during the pdi to check the silicone seals to be sure they are flat on the surfaces and to treat them every 90 days with a silicine treatment. This may help.

Have done that. And had mobile tech inspect it and think it might be seal cut out to large around slide track

Like a rubber conditioner?

I assume so, we got ours at General Rv and was told they sold it but we forgot to get it before we left.

We just picked up at General RV yesterday and have been testing everything out in thier parking lot sites. Had a big thunderstorm pass thru and we got a similar water leak as the OP. General jumped on it and are adding a bit of sealant to the top of the vertical bulb seal to try and prevent it from happening again. The tech’s hypothesis is that the cutout for the tracks may be allowing wind blown rain to enter. Good news is that if that is true it should be water tight with slide retracted and only have to pay attention to it when sitting still. No signs of water during the inspection, so i am assuming it doesn’t leak with slide retracted OR it never got rained on from factory finish to now. That is about 15 days, though, so it seems unlikely.

In my 3610 I have gotten this in the mid-bunk but only after very heavy rain in the past. I noticed it when I pulled the slide in because this area is kind of covered when it is fully extended…I was in driving rain and 50mph gusts last week and had no issues at all :person_shrugging:

I have the same issue on our 3100. It does not leak extended or when the slide is closed. Only happens when there is moisture on the bedroom slide roof when you are retracting the slide.

Ours does the same, but only when pulling the slide in. No problem with blowing rain, with slide either in or out. I try to squeegee the slide roof off before pulling it in. I may add a slide topper to at least the bedroom slide.

Hello guys.

I’m a new owner of a Z 3110, haven’t even picked up the RV.
Any of the guys having water leak have toppers?
First time with a fifth wheel, we only had trailers but always installed toppers.