Bedroom slider not working

2023 Z3100 the bedroom slider won’t go out. Will inch out about 6” but going out in a kink. Checked controller shows motor #1. Other 2 sliders work fine. Caint find hole to manually crank it in and out.

Our Z3400 uses a slim rack system by Lippert on the bedroom slide; the other two are hydraulic. Am assuming yours is the same. You can go directly to LCI’s website and find trouble shooting procedures. You can also try a search for “slim rack troubleshooting”.

Thanks for the reply. It appears #2 slide motor is bad. Second time we’ve used the RV. On our way back to the dealership the spare tire on the trailer somehow worked its way down within 6” of the ground. Luckily a motorist brought it to our attention. Could have been costly! Not sure yet why it happened. The dealership is looking into it. The other incident that happened was the cold water hose that the dealership hooked to the back of the washing machine came off and caused a mess! Very disappointing…….tomorrows a new day, life’s an adventure

Look at the front compartment the controller should be mounted about in the middle towards the top. Are any lights blinking?

I think if I remember correctly the controller has a label on it what the blinking lights mean and you can manually push the slide out or in just like a schwintech.