Bedroom windows questions

For the Z3100, do the 2 windows next to the bed in the slide out open at all for ventilation?

In their virtual tour, it kinda looks like they may open like a double-hung (slide up or down), but I cannot tell for sure. If they opened like the rest of the awning type windows, I could see people forgetting to close them and causing damage when closing the slide.

For both the Z2900 and Z3100, does the window over the dresser open for everyday use for ventilation, or is it strictly an emergency window?

I failed to check these windows out when we saw them at an RV show in February.


I have a Model G, but I would bet that Brinkley is using the same windows for both models Z and G. The bedroom window on mine is openable but there isn’t an adjustment on it. The window opens all the way but there is a detent in the handle that holds it open at approximately 8-inches.

The windows by the bed are single-hung, and there are no shades for them, only the curtains. Wife removed the shelves & curtains and built her own. Would be nice to have the up/down shades on these windows as well.

Only theZ2900 has both windows open for cross ventilation, that’s one of the reasons why we bought the 2900!

I would guess they are the same as well.
By single-hung, does that mean they are stationary and do NOT open?

From the virtual tour, it sure looks likes there is a cross member about half way up the window. Looks like either the window opens or that is a shade or screen or something.

Does yours look like this, and, if so, what is there exactly? Thanks!

Airflow in the bedroom is definitely a concern. Would hate to have to run the fan or AC overnight instead of a cool fresh air breeze (assuming cool enough outside).

What does everyone do when you do not have cross-breeze windows in the bedroom?
Is it no big deal?

my z3100 small windows on slideout do not open, unfortunately.
The large one on the fixed wall does.

@TravelDreamer I don’t know for sure but it was not a big deal to me but I run the fan at night anyway. You could run your MaxAir fans on high exhaust to pull air though the bedroom window at night as one option.

I am pretty sure some early model use to open up but I know Brinkley has stated that the concern is people will accidentally leave them open when retracting the slide.

Appreciate all the replies!

When we ordered our Z 3100, we were given the option “Single Pane Vented Bedside Window Kit - BRV Kit# 107752.” I added this on to our order. We pick up our Z 3100 right before July 4th.

That’s interesting. I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere else. If you would be so kind, please post pics of how it operates when you get it. Thanks for the reply!