Bidet toilet install

Has anyone figured out how to install a Bidet toilet seat? I was looking on Cyber Monday to find a deal on a RV one and not sure what will fit our toilets.

Does this one work from Amazon?

@theankers I can’t tell for sure but I was wondering about the same mod. I think there is an enough room to install a residential style RV toilet which would also accept a standard seat, meaning you have more options.

I have not used that one specifically but does it fit around our thetford aqua-magic style ii toilets?

I am looking at getting the Dometic 320 myself.

I know for a fact that it fits the Brondell bidet toilet seat.

I used that setup in my old rig and it was wonderful. The black tanks had less junk, not needing toilet paper as much. Always feel cleaner, just a huge upgrade.

I talked to Rocky from Brinkley at a show and he mentioned they looked at Dometic toilets but were worried about elongated toilets sticking too far into the bathroom.

I personally don’t see the concern.

I am going to measure mine! I also want to do this upgrade, bidet’s are the best. Having a residential style toilet is a game changer. I wish Brinkley would’t have put in such a cheep toilet! Those Dometic 320’s are so much better, especially elongated bowl.


I was just measuring mine today to see if I could get the Dometic 320 to fit myself, it seems like it will but you need to be careful of the heater vent behind the toilet.

I ordered one let you all know when it is installed.

What seat are you using (did’t get the bidet one yet).

You dont need to replace the entire toilet. Just replace the water valve. You can get one with the bidet hose built in to it.

Dometic 320 with the Brondell toilet seat is the best. The 320 is a really nice toilet and you can use any seat hence the Brondell. I just like that it’s chair height and the bowl is truly oval. I inquired about this toilet and why it was not considered to a factory rep at a show. They said they looked at it but oval toilets take up more floor space and were worried that people may not like that.

My only complaint is I would love to have warm water, especially in the winter. I haven’t done this to my G but I did install this setup on my last camper.

I measured mine over the weekend and it looks like I need 11" from flange bolt to the wall. It appears that it will fit. I picked up the Dometic 320 over the week and will see if I can get it installed this week.

Finally got around to measuring out mine. From the wall to the center of the existing factory flange is 10". To use the Dometic 320 you need 11". I could flex mine and get about 10.5", so my plan is to cut about 1/2" of material and move the flange.

I also noticed something interesting, in my 3610 the existing toilet is sitting ON TOP of the heater vent. It makes me wonder why the factory does not move it way from the wall a little more.

Got the Dometic 310 elongated toilet installed. All I had to do was cut the hole about 1.5” with a 4 1/4 hole saw and move the flange so the center was 11” from the trim on the back wall.

It is so nice to have an elongated toilet! The toilet does not stick out past the doorway. We installed the Brondell S101 and it works wonderful.

Since the Dometic 310 fits residential toilet seats, you have many options. It would be trivial to upgrade to the S102 which has hot water you can mix in. Just tap a hot line in the wet bay. I am sure someone will get fancy and installed one with electric for the heating options.

This is a really fantastic upgrade! How did you move the flange and support it once moved forward?

That is the toilet for a residential unit. The cheep one it comes with is just middle of the road on quality and performance. I love that it is a oval bowl like a normal toilet.