Black and Grey tank treatment what do you use?

Let’s get some opinions!

I started with drop in tank treatment pods, they did’t see to do much. I switched to Happy Campers powder and that just feels like I am dumping stuff in the tank without much success.

What works well to clean the tank but keep the sensors working properly.

Found this online; its exactly what we use and it works great. We did abandon the tank sensors that come with the rig and use a different system that is MUCH more useful.


  • Pine-Sol (40oz for each 1 gallon water)
  • Calgon, bath beads. (4oz for each 1 gallon water)
  1. Make 1 gallon in spare jug. (= approx 50 treatments)
  2. Put 1/2 cup into Black and Grey tanks after each flush.

What do we recommend?
Our recommendation is very close to the GEO method: Calgon water softener (and not Borax), for sure, but also the addition of Pine-Sol disinfectant/cleaner. It doesn’t break down oils as much as the Dawn detergent does, has a stronger, more pleasant smell (you can use any scent), and has a disinfectant property.
• Here’s how to make your own:
• Purchase or find a clean, one-gallon (128-ounce) bottle
• Pour in 4 ounces of Calgon (we like the bath beads)
• SLOWLY pour in water to fill the one-gallon bottle (it will foam like crazy and take time to fill completely)
• Gently shake
For most holding tanks (both black AND gray; 30-50 gallons in capacity), pour in four ounces (1/2 cup) EVERY time you empty your holding tanks. A one-gallon bottle of this solution will give you about 50 tank treatments, all for a cost of roughly ten dollars.


Interesting different use of Calgon. There was another method published called the Geo method that uses 2 caps of liquid Calgon and a cap of laundry detergent. The explanation was that the Calgon water softener makes everything slick so it doesn’t want to stick. I’ve been using it for the last 12 years. I may have to give the Pine Sol a try.

I actually have been testing the Pinesol and Calgon bath beads. I will say it does not smell.

@jeffshermar77 remember that Happy Campers is only good for smells. It specifically says that you need to use the Extreme edition.

If you’re looking for a product to totally clean out your
holding tanks or get your sensors working, try the Extreme Cleaner.

One thing I will add; don’t try to conserve water when flushing the toilet. Water is your friend in the black tank. Practice water conservation in other areas. Also don’t dump your black tank too often. Let it build up a bit so you get that WHOOSH when you dump it.

I started using Calgon and Pine-Sol. It does smell good but whatever you do don’t get the Calgon beads on your hands. The smell sticks to your hands for a bit and washing does not get rid of the smell.

I also poured some beads in the toilet without mixing…ya never do that if you don’t want the smell to burn your eyes :face_holding_back_tears:

Mixing it properly and using a cup in the black tank and I use one cup on the shower and one in the kitchen sink. Tank smells great honesty.

I used the old Geo method (dawn soap) in an old rig. I don’t know the dawn did much but foam. However, calgon or another softener has always done well to keep things from sticking.

Water is your friend!