Brinkley RV issues Customer Satisfaction Campaign for 2023/2024 Model Z and Model G attic vent replacement - CSC-2309

Brinkley RV has issues a customer satisfaction campaign for replacement of the plastic attic vents. These are used to ventilate the space between the ceiling and the roof membrane. It is not clear yet but one can assume this also means the cap for the roof wire chase which is of a similar design just different color.

Representative of a roof vent as used in the industry

Attic Vents Replacement


Good afternoon, Brinkley family. It has come to our attention that the polycarbonate plastic utilized to manufacture attic vents for the RV industry may be incompatible with the 5121 self-leveling roof sealant that we utilize. We have received reports of cracked attic vents in the field that we believe are the result of the sealant being more rigid than what is traditionally utilized. This additional rigidity does not permit the attic vent to expand and contract and can result in the attic vent cracking either along the location of the mounting screw holes and, in some cases, cracking vertically up the attic vent.

We have located another attic vent source that is made utilizing polypropylene versus polycarbonate. The polypropylene plastic is less brittle and is a better material for our seals application. We are pushing to supply our customers with a near maintenance free roof and the seals package we utilize is critical to this goal. Other than the present attic vents and solar port, all other plastic components on the roof that are subjected to our seals is made of polypropylene. We are also actively working to change the solar ports to polypropylene to eliminate the use of polycarbonate entirely from the roof of all Brinkley RVs.

Although the cost of an attic vent is minimal, the potential for damage to the RV due to water intrusion in the event the attic vents cracked is substantial. As such, we are issuing a Customer Satisfaction Campaign CSC-2309 to authorize the replacement of all attic vents on Model G and Z units with the following VIN Ranges:

Model G VIN Range: 000006 – 000015, 000017 – 000025, 000027 – 000029, 000031 – 000069, 000071-000076, 000078 – 000162, 000164 – 000171, 000173 – 000208, 000210 – 000228, 000230 – 000242, 000244 – 000254, 000256 – 000265, 000267 – 000394, and 000396 – 000407.

Model Z VIN Range: 000004 – 000006, 000008, 000009, 000012 – 000015, 000017 – 000040, 000042 – 000049, 000051 – 000115, 000117 – 000121, 000123 – 000140, 000142 – 000210, 000212, 000214 – 000232, 000234 – 000247, 000249 – 000254, 000257 – 000277, 000279 – 000297, 000299 – 000439, 000441 – 000530, 000532 – 000595, 000597 – 000663, 000665 – 000978, 000980 – 001110, 001112 - 001826, 001828 – 001854, 001856, 001857, 001859, 001860, 001862, 001864, 001871, 001872, 001874 – 001879, 001881-001888, 001892 – 001895, 01899, 001903, 001904, 001906, and 001907.

All Dealers are being notified of this Campaign and work instructions have been provided. Brinkley RV will pay for the Campaign to be completed. There is no charge to you for the remedy.

Although the remedy is a simple one, we want to stress the importance of getting this remedy completed in a timely manner. Should water intrude into the unit from this location, the repairs due to the water intrusion will take substantial time and effort to perform.

Please know that Brinkley Customer Care is here to help facilitate this remedy your selling Brinkley Dealer or other authorized Brinkley Dealer. If the facts and circumstances of your situation warrant, we will, in our discretion, pay to have a mobile technician come to you to perform the work.

We apologize for any frustration or inconvenience this situation causes you and your family. We wish you and your families all a Happy New Year.


Brinkley Customer Care

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Thats awesome. Delaers will live this.
I wonder if they will let owners do the work themselves?