Can you leave the electric operated dump valves open?

Prospective owner, looked at the control panel outside on a Z. So the grey tanks are plumbed together but the shower has a high GPM shower head. I suspect that we will fill the grey tanks with a family of 4 fairly quickly.

In the past we would make a trap and leave the grey tank for the shower open. These seem to the electrically actuated…So my question to existing owners is can the valve be left open? Does that cause the motor to burnout or wear by leaving it open?

Power is only applied when you hit switch to toggle the valve position. Once valve reaches new position, power is removed. The switch on my rig has a light on it that lites when open so at a glance you know status.

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So in other words, you have to leave both valves closed until you are ready to dump? I normally keep the grey tank open, but keep the black tank closed on my Avalanche so the chemicals can do their thing.

You can leave the grey open, I recommend making a trap if you due. The only issue @BobMorgan is concerned about is really the indicator light will remain on. The motor is not running just in the full open position.