Chevy or GMC truck pairing with trailer tire pressure monitors FAIL

Has anyone with a Chevy or GMC truck been able to sync the 3100 tire pressure data into your trailer’s profile in the dashboard display? The onscreen instructions are quite clear as to how one pairs the two. I’ve tried both the manual method and bought a tool for the other method. Neither worked. Advice?
The TPMS that comes with the Z works fine. I just want fewer extra screens lying about the truck cab.

I wasnt aware this could be done!!

I had GMC TPMS on my Drand Design i had before. setup in the trailer profile. But i used the Sensors that came with my truck. So they were GMC sensors. I through the ones with the Brinkley were Lippert sensors. banded to the inner wheel.

I could be wrong. Just never heard of this!!

If this is possible Awesome!!


GMC Uses Schrader and Siemens VDO Tire Pressure Sensors

under $30 on amazon. but you will have the have the valve stems replaced with these. There will be a cost for that from a Tire service. and youll have to rebalance.

All this said it was very nice to not have to use another device to monitor the Pressures. And you get a warning on the GMC Media Center when the pressure is low.

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Kind of a side bar here. Does anyone know if is possible to do this same thing with a 2023 ram 3500 and a z3100 ? I too have not heard that something like this might be possible.

I have a 2024 GMC 3500. I ordered it with the tire pressure sensors, but have not had them installed on my 3100 yet. I’ve only had my 3100 for a couple of weeks, and there are just a lot of things to get to on it. Are you using the tire pressure sensors that came with the 3100, and trying to get your GM truck to recognize them? I will be using the sensors that I ordered with the truck, not the 3100. It is nice not to have yet another screen. The info center on the GMC truck is quite nice, with the tire pressure monitoring built right into it. I wish I could use the camera already installed on the 3100 with the truck’s info center as well, but my 3100 doesn’t have wiring that hooks up to the wiring on my truck bumper. I’ve been using the display provided with the 3100. Not ideal. One screen with everything integrated would be so nice.

I am doing the same with my truck, I ordered the factory TPMS so it shows up in the onscreen dash and will remove the factory ones.

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I am trying to use the sensors that came with the 3100. It would make sense that my failure to connect would be for that reason.

Would these be the sensors you ordered? They are pricey. $300 for 4 sensors . . . .

I ordered them with the truck. The invoice says I paid $50 for them, which didn’t seem terrible. Here is a screenshot copy from my invoice. The code on the invoice just says PTT

I checked them out on the GMC site and see it looks like they want $150 for two. Rediculous.

A couple photos of one of them. I got a set of 4.

I found these generic ones on Amazom. Says they fit the GMC Sierra, but not positive: