Clearance - Z 3100 w/ F350 LB DRW & Gen Y

@Ohioguy Have you measured your clearance? I haven’t taken possession of my rig yet, I intend to measure, just looking for an independent data point. My truck is Lariat trim, but I think we should have the same height.

Does the Gen Y have any height adjustment?

While I have not measured, the clearance is fine. From where the bottom of the Gen-Y hitch is to the top of my tailgate is plenty. The hitch itself has several bolt holes to adjust the height. The dealership set it up for this bed height. I have 20” wheels, 8’ bed. I have a hook on the top hole of one side temporarily, so normally that would be open.

As you can see, there are more adjustments up and down. I will say though, that when hooking up, and the tailgate down, it’s close from the tailgate to the front of the Brinkley. Maybe 6-8 inches?…. That distance makes for loud comments when the wife helps me hitch it up.

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Thanks for the info and the pics - that will help me a lot when I first hook up with the dealer-installed adapter.

I was specifically thinking about the overall rig clearance. I read a park review of a place I was considering for our summer trip and the review said the on-ramp back to the freeway involved a 13’6" clearance and it felt too tight to him so he went 9 miles out of the way to avoid it. The height on-line for the Z3100 is 13’ 2" at least on the page I found, and I think I’ll want to know for sure to the inch what I need if my overall height is going to be more than 13’. I imagine the 13-2 number is with the trailer perfectly level, which it may not be in any given tow connection.

Does anyone know of a good way to find out the height? In tow.
This would be great to know. And could vary a bit depending on how your truck and pinbox is setup.
I have the GenY on a 2500 AT4.
Im considering adding airbags to my truck since its sagging so much.

Its not a simple measurement, is it, if you want it to the inch. Just spitballing - maybe find a clearance marker that one thinks is accurate, say a 14’ or 15’ clearance, stop with the A/C underneath it and climb up the ladder and measure what is left over.

How one trusts the clearance marker to be accurate, though, I’m not sure. Stopping traffic to do the measurement is a sketchy plan at best. Lots of problems with that approach, unless maybe an RV storage place has well measured clearances on their covered spots.

FWIW, 13’ 6" is the max legal height for *any highway vehicle, be it an rv or a truck. I don’t think the clearance would be mismarked on a highway, but maybe on a private road. I think there is an electronic height aid available, possibly called the Giraffe. This uses technology to monitor height and clearance and will alert the operator ahead of time to a conflict. For those concerned, it may be cheap insurance.
Have had several RVs that claimed a height of 13.6 and never had an issue. Just be mindful of gas station canopies. I also have a background in big rig truck driving.

Thanks, DnD - that’s good to know.

We are picking up our rig today, and it is currently underneath a storage gazebo. I am going to attempt the following -

  1. Pull the rig forward until whatever I deem the tallest point (probably the AC) is right under the front edge of the gazebo. I will climb on the roof and measure the clearance remainder.
  2. Pull the rig forward until the rear ladder is slightly in front of the entrance arch of the gazebo where I measured.
  3. Climb back up and hold the tape measure to the measure point, have someone else hold it to the ground and measure that total height.
  4. Subtract to get the clearance.

I think it can work - its possible the gazebo will be too high for me to reach it standing on the roof of the rig, though, we’ll see. Based on me reading 13-2 on the web, I am expecting to see 13-1+ from this.

I measured 13’ 3". There were two sources of error in my approach.

  1. It was difficult to be sure I was accurately picking out the high point of the A/C top as the AC was not directly underneath the measuring point of the gazebo. I had the tape from the gazebo to the roof, right next to the AC, and I had to eyeball the top of the AC to get the measurement. The 5th wheel was not yet connected to the truck, so I was just measuring as best I could given the already parked position of the trailer. I didn’t have an opportunity to delay the measurement until I would have the truck connected and be able to move the trailer to make the measurement easier.

  2. Its difficult to have the tape perfectly straight (normal to the ground) when measuring from the gazebo rafter to the ground, whatever angle there is will add some height to the measurement.

Anyway, I will go with 13’ 3".