Crack in back wall from rear window to the ladder mounting

Hi I have a Z2900 just picked up about a month ago and have found a crack in the back wall from the rear window to behind the ladder. The dealer says no big deal to repair, just fiberglass. Just wondering if anyone has seen anything like this in their units. Dealer believes that the crack is from the mounting of the ladder being mounted to tightly. It looks to me that it could be a stress crack from the window frame having an issue at install.

@Joe can you post some pictures? This sounds like a case to see how well Brinkley supports you during your repair.

I kind of wish they would scrap the ladder and just give us a folding one like the G’s have.

Any fiberglass crack could be a terrible sign of structural problems, Excessive movements show up as cracks.

Definitely post photos.

Or it could just be a weak spot in the fiberglass and no big deal.

The ladder is not really tied to anything structural. Pictures will help but my first guess is it was over tightened.

Agree with @TotalAlliance the ladders are crap, they rust from the inside out. Give us the hooks and a telescopic ladder. Then it would be more useful to say clean a slide roof or windows. We can get rid of the “ladder club” (what my wife and I call the people who strap a ladder to the rear ladder).

Here is the pictures, so sorry it took so long. I had to get some time off to be able to wash the camper so image would be have viewable.
Dealer is going to remove the decal and address the crack , if that is what it is. They will not let me remove the decal, due to warranty and also to prevent intrusion in case of a crack in the back wall.
Thanks for all replies!

@Joe let us know how this turns out. It clearly looks like the crack starts with the compression of the top screw in the photo. I am sorry that this happened to you, people and meaterials are not perfect. I am sure the Brinkley folks will support you.

I was just at a dealer with my unit and they were shipping a different coach back to Brinkley for some repair. The folks at the dealership noted that in that case Brinkley wanted it fixed right and so the transport company took it back. The dealership people seemed impressed that they took the extra effort to support the customers.