Crack on the interior wall and bowing on the outside wall

Wow first post … I found the site from a post on Reddit glad we have an independent community!

Anyhow, I have about 4500 miles on my new 3610 built late last year. I noticed that the trim piece fell off at the expansion joint under the bedroom slide. No big deal right? Well went about 100 miles to a fuel stop and I noticed that the wall was slightly bowed on one side.

I have emailed customer care and they have been wonderful so far. My biggest concern is I purchased the unit and was going to use it as home to bridge between when I sold my home and when my new home will be ready later this summer.

Now what I told Brinkley is that when the bedroom slide is extended I don’t see any movement. The flange on the side has not pulled out so I don’t see anything wrong with that. I do see cracking on the inside of the bedroom between the slide and the closet. It looks superficial but I have to assume both are related to some movement.

What I can say is that I DO NOT see any indication of frame failure, all the trim around the front is perfect and not loose. The hitch (GenY ordered at Brinkley’s recommendation) is solid, I see no indication of anything wrong other than the exterior bulge. Again running the slide in and out the wall does not move, and the area feels solid. I can’t be certain right but it does not seem like any weld breaking on one of the wall studs.

I am just wondering if anyone has seen something like this before or if this is a one-off scenario? I know Brinkley will help me get this fixed, I am mostly worried that I could be without my “home” for an extended period of time. Fingers crossed this is not a huge structure issue and that I simply can have it patched up and fix properly once I moved into my new home.

Here is the inside wall…

I have no advice to offer on what may be causing this problem. Have you told them about your timing issue? They might be able to defer the repair until after you move into your new house.

OH NO!!emphasized text Man that sucks, very sorry you have to go through that. While I am sure they will take care of the repair, it still is a PITA in the first place. We pick our new unit up in a couple of weeks. More stuff to worry about. We chose the Brinkley based on all the hype and videos of the construction, etc. Hope yours is an isolated defect. Just so tired of all the lousy workmanship in this industry. We used to have a Solitude that had a similar “joint” in the same location. It was covered by a piece of t-molding, which also worked loose while towing. Used some black rtv and stuck it back on, and it stayed. While there may be a small amount of flex in that area, it is to be expected, and the reason for the “relief joint” there in the first place. Many fifth wheels don’t have those. We had a Rockwood that developed a crack in the sidewall there. Repair was covered under warranty, and then the T-molding was installed over an intentionally cut groove, just as Brinkley is doing. No interior defects, though. Good luck with your repair. Please update your post as this evolves.

Yes and they understand, Brinkley could’t be more accommodating and helpful through the process. They indicated that there were a few/some units where something with the sidewall structor was built incorrectly. Something about something that should be horizontal was placed vertical or visa-versa.

This is causing a cosmetic issue only probably. They had me take some videos but I don’t see any movement in the wall when extending or retracting the bedroom slide. I don’t think any structure failure, you can press on the azdel panel on the outside and you can hear what sounds like adheasive separating sound (if that makes any sense?).

They said now that it is documented that if they can confirm it is cosmetic then it does not matter if we schedule the repair even past my 1 year warranty; they will make it right.

Still waiting confirmation that we all agree the structure of the rig is fine. For future people searching Google or this forum, I will note things like this happen with every single RV manufacture. It is not representation of the quality of the brand. Just because Brinkley is putting effort to make a better RV does not mean humans won’t make a mistake. It is how a company responds when something goes wrong that matters!


I have a 3610 and have the same type wall crack on the interior. Brinkley had the dealer do a frame flex measurement and, thank goodness, it’s not an issue. It measured right about 1/4" which is acceptable. My 3610 was during week 1 of production if that matters. At this point I have some suspicions that tolerances might have been too tight for the motor assembly on the wall or something of that nature as it mostly seems cosmetic at this point. I will probably just repair the wall with matching seam tape as it’s in a spot that’s hardly noticeable at all unless you are really looking for it.