DB music unit is hot

While working near the DB music yesterday I noticed it became warm and then hot over a several hour period. I had shore power unplugged so it was using DC but I don’t see why that would make a difference. I was not playing music or using the unit. I did notice that it uses over 1200 watts???! I’ll have to remember to disconnect it while boon docking!

What is DB music? I am sorry I don’t know what you are referring too? Are you talking about the amp for the inside and outside speakers?

I was referring to the music amp. It is located under the stairs, mounted next to the converter. I found that it was left on after I last used it. I was relieved that it wasn’t a short making it hot. Probably it was hotter because my back was against it, blocking its heat loss.

Hmmm. It gets hot even when I’m not near it and it is turned off. Anyone have any idea which breaker will disconnect it? DC or AC Panel?

Did you turn off your DB amp? I just turned mine on to see if it got warm, I have never tested it. It is DC powered though so it will be a fuse.

Mine is well labeled, I am going to assume the power is pulled from the televator circuit on the inside. I am not sure about the one in the wet bay.

I think you may have a typo, the amp can’t be pulling 1200 watts unless something is seriously wrong with it. At that wattage it would have melted the DC wires going to it in minutes. In a 12v DC system that would be 100Ah or the equivalent wattage to running the main air conditioner. 4/0 DC cable would be marginal at that wattage.

I checked my DB amp and it is slightly warm after a hour of usage but not hot. According to my Victron shunt the amp uses about 3-4 watts DC.

On the DB case it reads “1250 Watt 4 channel Class D amplifier” but, yea, that sounds way excessive which (explains my surprise).

According to the manual the fuse should be 60a. Depending on the Ohm of the speakers:

2Ohm at 14.4v 4x 250watts
4Ohm at 14.4v 4x 125watts

I am not an amplifier expert but I am assuming with two speakers the unit would output somewhere less than 250-500watts because we almost never have our DC system at 14.4v.

It would only output that much when the speakers are playing. The idle consumption will be much less. Would be interesting to see what awg wire Brinkley used.

My amp is an Audio to go brand. :man_shrugging: I’m having trouble with the outside speakers hissing even when the Bluetooth is off. Had to unplug the speaker to get it to stop hissing.