Dishwasher prep

So I believe all if not most Brinkley’s are already prepped for a dishwasher but. It’s limited to what you can use. Right now we are debating on the edge star that is recommended by dealer but we want to install the Fisher Paykel drawer(which we have in our home and are excellent ) the issue is the depth of the unit is 3 inches too much and would stick out too far and close to slide out. Unless we cut a hole inside the cabinet to countersink the 3 inches into the wall.

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What is the question?

I thought someone told me you pull out the trash and it fits a unit there?

My question would be if anyone has cut out the back of the cabinet to install a different dishwasher.

I don’t think you could get the three inches your shooting for without poking through to the bathroom. If you’re ok with that then I’d say go for it. Looks like you will end up in the bathroom cabinet, so you would have access to the back of the dishwasher if ever needed. You may run into wires, drainpipe, or waterlines, which I think would kill this project. If so color match the paint and add a false back to the cabinet to cover all your sin.

Correction… I think you will end up in the storage area after making that cut. I’m picking up my g 3500 Saturday and can look to see more. I believe the water heater may be located over in that area. You may not gain the access I previously spoke about. Sorry I was looking at the flat floor plan.

Yes it’s the storage under the bathroom. There’s aluminum bracing behind the cabinet so we would gain about 2.5in which is enough. I think we are going to try the edge star and see how it performs. If it sucks then we will perform surgery to get our Fisher Paykel drawer in.

I installed the Fisher Paykel drawer dishwasher in the island of my Jayco NorthPoint and my wife loves it. It’s been working flawlessly. I added a little trim around the front as the island wasn’t deep enough.
We just ordered a new Brinkley G3250 and I have been told by the wife that I must figure out how to get one installed once we get the new trailer. How deep is the cabinet under the sink? The Fisher & Paykel dishwasher requires 22" depth, 23 1/2" wide and 16" tall. If Brinkley could figure out how to pocket that dishwasher prep cabinet to hold the Pisher Paykel dishwasher that would be another big win for them and us!