DIY solar panel install. Roof thickness z 3100?

Hey Gang. I’m about to install a second rooftop panel. I’m using a mounting kit that comes with self tapping screws that are1 1/2". Before I see screws poking out of my kitchen ceiling I thought I would check with others who may have done a similar DIY install. Does anyone know what is the thickness of the Z3100 roof? IF you have also installed, what length screws did you use?


The owners hub diagram on exact location the second panel is wired for. .75” screws are more then enough and you can’t poke through the ceiling inside. The roof and inside ceiling are inches apart at their closest at the edges of the roof.

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Speaking of adding panels. I’ve added a second set of panels and am going to use the supplied roof vent to bring down the panel wires to hook up to the original Furrion MPPT Solar Charger. This will bring another 600W to the battery bank.
IF YOU have done this, how did you take the wires down the vent pipe and keep it waterproof? Did you make holes in the side of the pipe? In the vent cover? Bypass it somehow?