Do I need a Pizza Stone in oven?

We have just picked up our new Z2900. I noticed the oven has a diffuser tray. Does this mean that I don’t need a pizza stone in the bottom?

I have never heard of anyone doing this before, did you put a pizza stone to distribute the heat in the oven?

@Patti first I am hearing about a pizza stone, can you tell us more?

in my experience all RV owens are all rather “not great” - always have to set temps higher or cook longer than in a residential unit. i never heard of a pizza stone thing, but it sounds like mentioned that this could help keep more stable heat in them perhaps?

.We have used a pizza stone in our Lance for years. It does help distribute the heat and keep biscuits and cookies from burning as much on bottom. doesn’t solve all cooking issues but does make baking a little easier. Note to take it out like microwave tray when traveling cause it will break eventually. Ask me how I know ;). Pick up the new Brinkley in June. Will Probably still use our stone in the oven even if it has a defused. The more radiant the heat the better.

This works? I have never heard of this before til this thread.

It’s not a perfect solution but definitely noticeable without it. Biscuits and cookies don’t burn on bottom s as much.


Round or square? We had a Pampered chef one but donated it because it wouldn’t fit in our GE stove since the fan for convection protruded too far. I really liked it a lot and I’d love another. What size is yours?

Ours had no handles and was totally flat. Came with a large squared off U shape thing. I really love the looks of this one :