Finally got to tour a Z2900

Wife and I finally got to tour a 2900 today and we were impressed to say the least! The fit and finish of the whole unit is just beyond anything we have ever seen. Things we liked:

  • Tongue and groove drawer construction as well as varnished.
  • Solid surface counter tops throughout
  • We ran our hands over all woodwork, joints, sides, edges… Everything was smooth. Not one splinter.

Not too sure about the new dining table / desk. Probably something we could adjust to fairly quickly.

Suggestion for a refresh of the 2900 model:

  • Find a few feet to squeeze in at least a combo unit washer/dryer.
  • Off road capable chassis and suspension. (for driving ON our nation’s roads, they are horrible).

That would make it perfect. I think the day of the massive 40+ foot 5th wheel has come and gone. We’re looking for shorter and lighter rigs to get into tighter places. Otherwise we would go for the Z3100. (I know it’s not 40 feet, just saying we want a shorter trailer)

Maybe there’s a Z2910 in the future? (fingers crossed)

Overall we loved the look and feel of the coach and unless Brinkley comes out with something better, this will be our pick.

Like all spec houses, all spec trailers will be a compromise. I think they have done an excellent job overall. Love seeing new happy owners with Brinkley’s!

I personally love seeing all the delivery pics posts

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Agree. We have a 3100 and the washer dryer prep was a big consideration.

Have you added a washer/dryer yet? If so how much did it add to your pin weight?
If not do you know what your current pin weight is?

I have a RAM 3500 with factory air bags so I’m not worried about being able to haul it. But I do want to know how much I can legally carry in my truck.

Haven’t added those yet. I would have the same concern.

If you ever figure out your actual dry pin weight I’d be interested in knowing what it is. And congrats on your purchase!