First Look at Brinkley’s Travel Trailer Model Z Air 295

Link: Model Z Air

First video from Josh the RV Nerd:

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Few things I see in this new Model Z Air 295:

  1. Metal Propane Tank Cover
  2. No vertical jacks
  3. Glass top on the event (more counter space)
  4. Leveling in a travel trailer

I think there was a strap for a TV swivel in the video, wonder that will move. I am thinking it could be hard to see the TV.

@BrinkleyLynne Edited your post to update the subject to the model name and in the future if you just post the link from YouTube it will generate a preview. Cute username btw

We have been hearing rumors on this for months, thanks to @BrinkleyLynne for breaking the news!

Looks like Brinkley has knocked it out of the park again. I have a couple of complaints about the one shown in pre-production flyer:

  • The folding door to the bunkhouse (presumably for kids) is going to get slammed into the pantry door. Can if be flipped to open the other direction?
  • The lock on the folding door is just ripe for people to lock people/pets into that room. Kids horsing around will play games and I can see someone either breaking that or it being a liability.
  • How does someone get out of the escape window in the bunkhouse (not shown)
  • I don’t think it has enough seating, could it get a flip down island extension?
  • What is the deal with the new shower stall, I see it is the same brand Brinkley has been using but it has a foot stool but seems raised? Is it as solid on the bottom or is that a heating duct run through the front lip?
  • The pass thru in the bathroom is not something I would want in my rig if I wanted privacy from my kids playing around, especially sleeping. It should be lockable if they include it.
  • I would like to see a way to have a shoot to the front storage compartment for say dirty laundry or such.
  • Stop putting USB-A outlets, the EU and what now has tricked down to the rest of the world is everyone is only making USB-C lets just standardize on USB-C ONLY. If you really need an old device just get an adapter.
  • I would personally remove the rear ladder (though it looks nice) and stick with a removable one.

Another video coming today

Interesting that Travel Trailers from the big manufactures in 2024 are turning into mini 5th wheels. Jayco Eagle also has a new heavy weight TT with 5th wheel style landing gear.

I am happy they got rid of the flip up stairs. I wish we all had the Morryde ones with the hydraulic shock and easy to deploy feet. The flip up stairs are just as messy as the normal ones.

I don’t understand the doors myself. That feels like a fail to me…

Also the locking folding door on a bunkhouse is just asking for trouble. Kids will defiantly horse around and lock their siblings or friends in and you know that is going to break.

Seriously on the USBC thing…Brinkley you need USBC ONLY

I really love what is coming next from Brinkley, this unit is very sweet. I agree with some of the comments above about the folding door to the bunk. I would not like that with kids.

USB-C hahaha even if they put them in that would’t be USB-PD they are doing the best they can.

I also agree on the removable ladder just makes the units look so much nicer but I think this will ruin the “ladder club”. You know what I mean

More videos coming your way: