First mod:: replaced Winegard 360+ mount with Unifi access point

It turns out that the Unifi U6 Long Range access point has a perfect ceiling mount that replaced the cover for the Winegard 360+ modem mount. It had identical screw hole locations so it was a perfect fit :bangbang:

I have U6 LR powered by the brand new Unifi Cloud Gateway Ultra as the router. The combination is more advanced and capable than what Winegard or Pepwave at a fraction of the price. I jumped on this because I was looking for a dual WAN router for Starlink and T-Mobile 5G. I normally have them set in fail over mode so Starlink is primary and T-Mobile is backups but you could do WAN load balancing with this router.

The ethernet cable I ran down the lighting track and down the wall where I put in a keystone jack to plug-in the POE injector. 4x4 MIMO meaning 4 antennas for 2.4ghz and separate 4x4 MIMO again 4 additional antennas (for a total of 8) for 5ghz WiFi.

I don’t understand what makes it better than any other WiFi 6 router?

So the Ubiquity router will bond two internet connections?

No it does not bond. The function is WAN load balancing. You have primary (WAN) which is always online. Then anywhere from 1-99% of the second connection (WAN2) can send traffic.

You can configure it as failover, so primary WAN till it is down and then failover to the second WAN2 till WAN is available again.

Bonding like on a Pepwave is less desirable. It works by adding a VPN to a 3rd party endpoint. Don’t get me started on how VPN for privacy and security is all a FAT lie. Then all the traffic has to be sent across this. The thing is that only works for big blobs of data like downloading a large movie or file.

The truth is most internet connections are small short connections. Overly simplified explanation, when you download a webpage like the one each image, css, html are separate requests. You actually cab actually surf faster without bonding because you take advantage of being able to open more connections simultaneously. Even when you stream Netflix or YouTube TV it’s not one solid connection to the service. It’s a bunch of small requests that download say 30s of video at a time. Why you see bursts of traffic.

Possibly a good analogy is would it be faster to load a airplane with a single jetway or if you had multiple jetways?

Hey man, when you say you ran the cat 5 through the lighting track do you meen that when you pulled off the existing blanking plate there was access to to channel where the ceiling light wires are? How did you fish it down a wall? Do you have any pictures? I want to do the same kind of setup with some spare unifi stuff I have laying around.



I actually went with Ubiquiti because you can do have dual WAN plus it’s what I use at home. So I setup WireGuard as a client and route all my video traffic to my sticks and bricks so I don’t get flagged by Netflix or whatever streaming service. It looks like the IP is from my home.

@bmccormick8 I couldn’t figure out a way to come down the wall. I ended up putting my AP above the cabinet in the bunk room.

I ran Cat 6 under the dresser directly to the wet bay. I then went up the wall and put in a Cat6a bulkhead so it was finished off.

The lower plate for the coax, I removed and put in a brushed plate and ran the Ethernet directly down the wall. It turns out the factory puts in a small hole to run the 12v wire, so I just followed that into the wall and down. Then I mounted the UniFi Cloud Gateway Pro and a POE injector behind the TV.

Here is it before I cleaned up and did cable management.