First weekend out in the Z2900

Finally got the new Brinkley out.
Impressed with some things, disappointed or confused about others.

  1. Why isn’t there shutoffs on the storage compartment heat vents? Seems silly to heat those areas when you aren’t in freezing temperatures.

  2. The hole in the wet bay for the water hose or coax to go through is huge. So when I have the furnace on I guess I’m heating up the outside too……

  3. The manual gives me instructions on a Furrion thermostat but mine has a generic old school Suburban thermostat.

  4. The factory installed satellite coax doesn’t work. I have to run the coax through a window directly to my receiver to get it to work.

  5. I’m not fond of the way you would have to get to the override for the electric dump valves. Would the engineers want to crawl under the camper at the dump station to get to those? I don’t think so.

  6. The spare tire keeps working loose. There should be some kind of safety chain or latch to prevent this.

It’s a little disappointing after all the praise that Brinkley was getting to see the oversights in these areas I’ve experienced in just the first time out.

Congrats on the new rig!

Sorry to hear about your issues. It’s surely frustrating when expectations aren’t quite met.
Hopefully you can make some adjustments or slight mods to fix some of the smaller issues. I would call Brinkley for their help on the things not working or not in the manual (which I’m sure you already know).

Good luck in getting these ironed out best you can.

Is your rig, brand new, first on your satellite problem did you switch off your antenna and secondly my new 2900 came with a lock pin for the spare tire, good luck!

2024 Z2900
2024 F350 7.3

If you mean the antenna booster being switched off I believe it was, but can’t remember for sure.
My serial number is 1149 so maybe if yours was built after that they made the change for the spare tire,

Our unit is 2792, they already have made a lot of changes, like I said they put a lock on the lowering control of the spare and the sink is black now in the bathroom and we have the pull out dinette, it’s been two weeks since we got ours, so they might have changed already!

Our spare was loose when we did our inspection (but because of seeing it called out on youtube knew to look for it). Can you post a pic of the lock mechanism Brinkley added?

This is the factory solution to the spare tire loosening issue. I have also seen pictures of older units where the owners just used safety wire to secure the mechanism.

I also had what I thought was a problem with the satellite hookup. I connected my DTV dish to the SAT IN connector in the wet bay and then connected my receiver to the SAT OUT connector above the TV in the LR. Nothing. After a bunch of troubleshooting I finally thought to test the my coax cable from the SAT OUT above the TV to the DirecTV receiver. Cable was BAD. New cable and now no issues at all…