Francis Scott Key Bridge (RT 695) collapse detour route for RVers

I think we all know that the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed and obviously my first concern is for the lives that are at stake. What I was wondering is how this will affect RV travel up and down RT 95 on the East Coast?

For those who are not local to the area, RV’s carrying LP over 10# or 13’ 6" can’t travel through Baltimore Harbor Tunnel or Fort McHenry Tunnel’s which block routes for RT 95 or RT 895 though Baltimore. The outer loop RT 695 is a nightmare if you hit it at the wrong time of day. I think many RVers previously have chosen to cross the Francis Scott Key Bridge as the alternative route through Baltimore.

Does anyone have any suggestions or should we start to think about just going either through the Delmarva Peninsula and cross over the Bay Bridge or another route?

I come from Maine so normally I follow this route out at 81 in Virgina and go down the Shenandoah Valley specifically to avoid Baltimore and its tunnels as well as the traffic with a RV. If you have done taken that route it is absolutely amazing.

Tons of campground along 81, I know there are few overnight spots. A popular stop along the way is the Walmart in Staunton VA. You will find a dozen or more RV’s on most nights. Fuel can be a little more challenging on the southern part of Virginia leg, make sure you plan ahead.

Man I agree with avoiding Washington DC. Every single time I try that route I end up hitting the area in rush hour.

For what it is worth I normally across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel out of Norfolk and then go up 1 in Delaware if I am going up and down the eastern seaboard.

There are some pretty nice parks in southern Maryland that you can stop. Delaware Seashore State Park is right on the Indian River Inlet, 50a full service and big rig friendly.

81 is a good route but you have that big hill on 77 on the NC/VA border and then you are in the mountains between that and Roanoke. That can also be a mess since it is mostly 2 lane road and if someone has an accident you can get backed up. I have done that route a few times.

You can also cut across Maryland and hop 70 to 81. I have done that a few times.