Fresh Tank Heater Relay Problem

Turned on my fresh tank heater last night. Checked on everything a few hours later and noticed the tank heater was off. I turned it on again and waited about 20 seconds and noticed it turned off again.

Called Brinkley this morning and there is a current issue with some relays on the fresh tank heaters. The campaign number is 2402.

Bottom line: if you have fresh water in the tank and expecting freezing conditions, don’t just turn it on and walk away. Make sure it’s going to remain on- watch for at least 20 seconds.

Are they sending out notification to owners?

The tech I talked to made it sound like it was already sent out. I never received anything and would’ve never known if I wouldn’t have called.


February 7, 2024

Kent Fyfe ,

It has come to our attention that the max current threshold in the X4 Control Board has the potential to de-activate the subject circuit pre-maturely. The X4 Control Board is the electronic module that controls many of the RV’s systems (including awnings, leveling, slide-outs, lights, tank heaters, and others). The tank heater portion of the system is intended to cut out at 20Amp, but has been observed to cut out as low as 10-17A. In some instances, especially in colder conditions, it is possible that the tank heater circuit will shut off earlier than intended, and could potentially lead to the tank or icemaker line freezing.

The remedy for this incorrect electrical setting is to install an in-line relay between the X4 board and the HC latch/tank pad and water line. The remedy is detailed out in the associated Lippert document CCD-0008566. It is highly recommended that a qualified electrician or certified RV Technician performs this work.

We are instituting a Customer Satisfaction Campaign (CSC-2402) for all Model G units between VIN# ending in 000006 to 000462, Excluding: 000011, 000077, 000450, 000457-000459.

All Dealers are being notified of this Campaign and work instructions have been provided. Brinkley RV and the Control Board supplier (Lippert) will pay for the Campaign to be completed. There is no charge to you for the remedy.

Although the remedy is a simple one, we want to stress the importance of getting this remedy completed in a timely manner. While the subject condition poses no safety risk, it could potentially create a nuisance scenario under certain conditions within the intended application of the product.

We are happy to help with scheduling the work as needed with your selling Brinkley Dealer or other authorized Brinkley Dealer. If the facts and circumstances of your situation warrant, we will, in our discretion, pay to have a mobile technician come to you to perform the work.

We apologize for any frustration or inconvenience that this situation causes to you and your family.

Brinkley Care
(574)501-4280 | [email protected]

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