Fridge not cooling and repair time

We just picked up our 2024 z3100 from an Ontario dealership last Friday, during the weekend we found both the fridge and freezer were not cooling. Called the dealership for warranty repair which takes two weeks to drop off and a minimum of another two weeks to repair. We will have a cross-country trip at the end of June and don’t want it to get messed up. I’m new to owning a trailer, is this a normal waiting time? Just wondering what options I have, should I wait for the dealership or acquire another source to repair it? All suggestions will be appreciated.

Call Brinkley about it. Ask if you can use a Mobile RV Tech.

Thanks, just reached them out. They suggest a hard reset, will give it a try.

To answer your question, yes dealers suck. But 2 weeks aint bad. But there is no repairing these things.
The fastest way is just go but a new one.

Lower expectations may be the only way out :rofl:


The same thing reset fixed it. The dealership let it.sit.without.power.for.a.fdw.days and.compreszor.kicked.out on low voltage, a hard.reset is.the.only thing.that

What are the steps to hard reset the refrigerator?

Here is the from brinkely but not work for me:
What you will need to do is disconnect your negative cables from your batteries, disconnect your solar power which is located in the front compartment door that is under your goose neck and you will see the KPPT solar box and to the left of that is a black plastic cover that will need to be removed and that will expose mini breakers and just one of the wires will need to be removed. Last thing you will need to do is unplug your unit from shore power. Let your unit sit for 10 to 15 minutes hook everything back up making sure your fridge is turned on and see if it starts to cool

What is your steps to hard reset? I tried two times but not working.

Turn off shore power and battery disconnects. Check to see if.frig is not. Powered. Wwait a few minutes a d fudn all power ba c k on. This.should fix.pdoblem

Thanks. Brinkley sent similar instructions, unfortunately, it didn’t work in my case.

I had an issue with my fridge as well. Didn’t want to drag it back to Orillia so I called Brinkley and they authorized a local RV tech to fix it. Turned out to be the 40a fuses located on the top of the fridge. Simple, right? Except the fridge is riveted into its opening, so there’s that…

Long story short, Brinkley is great at finding solutions that work for the customer. I paid the tech and Brinkley reimbursed me. And yes, waiting weeks for a dealership to think about helping you seems to be the norm in this industry.

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Thanks for sharing, I will reach Brinkley again.
Hopefully, they can send local tech to help.
My dealer is in Oshawa, a 1.5-hour drive without traffic, but you know 401… :rofl: