Front compartment TV mounting solutions

I want to put a TV in the front compartment but I can’t figure out how to mount it. It looks like I could just rest it on the valley between the storage floor and the door. Where does everyone store the TV? I attempted to get a the Morryde Slide-Out and Flip Down Ceiling TV Mount but it won’t fit the Brinkley front compartment. Any suggestions are welcomed.

I don’t have any experience with it - but the folks that discussed in this thread may have some ideas perhaps: Z 3100 Exterior TV

What size TV are you trying to put in the front bay? I know some folks are just putting it on the feet and placing it in the valley by the compartment door.

I have been thinking about 3D printing some brackets to hold to TV to the ceiling for travel. I can’t figure out a better way myself. The awesome part is Brinkely made the pass through huge, the bad part is none of the TV mounts seem to fit.

I don’t know if you have seen how Alliance I think it is them has a holder to keep a table on the ceiling. I was basically going to recreate that. The idea is you could slide the TV into brackets, the biggest obstacle I have is how to deal with feet.

I was almost thinking I may have to make both ceiling mount and then a mount that fits in the bottom of the compartment to hold the TV.

I was planning on a smaller (32") outside tv utilizing the KeBloc mounting points and a KeBloc tv mount.

My plan is to order a black KeBloc mount to put in the pass through to hang the tv on for travel/storage.