Furrion AC thermostat temperature not accurate

Love some help!

When using our Furrion AC the temperature reading on the display is really far off. Yesterday it was about 70 outside but the inside was hovering around 77. The thermostat was set to 70 but it just was not accurate.

Am I doing something wrong? This is really distressing since we have dogs in our rig.

Ours had same behavior and I had trouble reading the small digits. I replaced with a “353”. It took maybe 6 minutes to get the new one in and powered up. Check it out.

How does the thermostat help? Are you saying the sensor on the Furrion thermostat is off?

Wondering how that can affect my new rig.

My understanding is the issue is the design of the Furrion seems really stupid. The temperature probe is inside the return duct. This means that it reads erroneous temperature reading because of the either hot/cold temperatures in that area in the roof.

I know that Grand Design was offering a relocation kit for free to move the sensor to the wall. There is a 3rd party company that offers a kit to relocate the temperature sensor.. With all the press Brinkley has been getting providing a solution to fix this seems very important. It is a major flaw and already causing me issues as well.

@wudwork does the EasyTouch read from the AC unit or does it have it’s own? That could be an upgrade option.

No, the EasyTouch is NOT a solution to the Furrion design error.

I looked at the install manual, page 13. Here is excerpt:

*Systems may use the Internal sensor of EasyTouch to make decisions or they may use a Remote sensor *
*connected at the back of the thermostat or at the A/C control board. If both an internal sensor and remote *
sensor are available, the remote sensor will always take priority.

I am now talking with EasyTouch engineering about possibly updating the firmware to use the internal sensor.

I am having issues with my two Furrion’s on my 3610. I am having the issue on the bonus room and bedroom!

I assume the rest of the Z’s have this issue in the bedroom where Brinkley decided to primarily use the dump on the AC. So what is happening is the temperature sensor is immediately sensing the cold air and shutting off. It was over 76 degrees in the bedroom and the AC was set to 65. The Furrion would run for about 60-90 seconds with the compressor on and then shutoff WELL BEFORE the bedroom got cool.

I read all the other forums posts about this issue. I watched YouTube videos on this. It’s clearly an industry wide issue and not a direct fault of Brinkley other than they either ignored this issue or didn’t test this well.

I tried pulling the temperature sensor through the return filter and that didn’t improve the situation. I ended up holding the sensor in my hand and got the AC to remain running properly.

@wudwork I reached out in the past to Micro Air, it says in one of the manuals that you can choose which sensor (remote in the AC or local in the thermostat) however they indicated it did not apply to the current units. I was wondering if you disconnected the temperature sensor if it would be forced to use the onboard thermometer.

This is the part I was referring to. Wondering if we disconnect it at the control box and may need to reset the EasyTouch if it would use the onboard thermometer.

I have done the Micro-Air EasyTouch ASY-353-X01 installed myself and I am was just testing the unit this week and it’s definitely not working correctly.

The temperature has been set all day at 65 and the AC compressor only runs 60 seconds or so and shuts off. A few minutes later it turns back on…then off…then on…then off but never really cools as you can see on the display.

I am really frustrated with the Furrion AC’s design. Has anyone contacted Brinkley and opened a case yet?

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I just chatted with MicroAire support. Couple things:

  1. The “i” option is only available via firmware 1.6 which is currently in Beta.
  2. If there is a remote sensor, the thermo will default to it. This cannot be modified.
  3. If you disconnect the remote sensor, the internal will NOT take over, the unit will report error. Support person indicated he did this exact test himself and confirmed the error will appear.

My conclusion, we are back to implementing THIS relocation kit. Somewhere I read that GD was offering a relocation kit, does anyone know if this is the same exact kit or did someone else make one ?? Right now, I am in the final steps of running a new 18awg wire pair from thermo over to A/C unit above TV area. This is NOT a fun project at all, with the insulation packed in, narrow gaps between rafters etc. Frustrating for me, the thermo control cable has (4) wires and all are used; no spares.

I did open a case with Brinkley, today I spoke with a person very familiar with this temp sensor. He reported the system was designed to take an “aggregate” temp reading instead of a single reading at a remote sensor. Aggregate means right in the airstream of the fan in the A/C unit. I indicated to him that many of us don’t really care about design, we just want to set a temp on thermo and get the desired effect. He reported if system is short cycling or other abnormal behavior then that needs to be investigated.In live in North East and its cold here so I cannot perform the testing he asked for. Here is what he wants me to do then report back.

  1. Plug rig into 50amp service. No 30amp, no dogbone etc…
  2. Run both front and rear A/C, in “ON” mode, he says to never use “AUTO” mode.
  3. Run both fans on HIGH.
  4. Let that run and see if it brings rig down to set temp on thermo.

If someone is in warmer climate, if they perform above steps and report back I can forward to Brinkley

Thanx, Tom

I got a response from Micro-Air today ironically:

Our engineering team has been working on this very issue as well.

Try the beta firmware version then once in the beta version press the “ i ” icon select auto fan circulate (adjust times by pressing again) this might be helpful and has helped a few customers with the same issue.

Furrion produces those systems with short sensor wire which Brinkley does not control. We have heard that Furrion has a sensor with a longer wire this would mean the sensor could be relocated to a better position.

I plan to upgrade to the beta tonight and try it.

@TotalAlliance How do you upgrade FW with BETA ? When I checked for updates it said I was up to date; no option for Beta.

When I last chatted with Micro-Aire (over past weekend) he was quite firm in stating you need to move the sensor. The Micro-Aire control board, at current design, does not offer any way to use the onboard temp sensor.

When I spoke to Brinkley, today, he indicated moving the temp sensor will void warranty. He was not sure how GD can offer the relocation kit and maintain warranty.

As of this writing, I am convinced:

  1. You will have temp regulation problems if you keep sensor in OEM position.
  2. Micro-Aire thermostat does NOT work around the Furrion design flaw.
  3. Moving the sensor seems to be only way to establish proper operation.
  4. Moving the sensor is no joy. Getting the wire run across 12+ feet of ceiling is a true challenge. I found the hardest part was from the led ceiling light above steps to the closest led ceiling light above dining table. In close second was getting wire from the led ceiling light, above steps, down into thermostat wall.

Sure hope Brinkley accepts this design issue and perhaps starts running 6+ conductor thermostat cable so moving it to the thermostat would be much simpler.


I registered for this forum just because I am also very upset with Furrion about how HORRIBLE this design is!

The reason I decided to comment is because I opened a warranty claim today with Brinkley. The rep I spoke with was towing any company’s line. It is not a design flaw, nobody else reported an issue so far, Grand Design and other manufactures had different issues. Let’s not blame them it honestly could be the first reports?

They want me to get a mobile RV service tech to come out and call in and go through steps with Furrion to diagnose the issue. I called two services techs in Tampa area and both said the same thing…we have seen this issue over and over with many manufacutres. They said it extended to both the Furrion and some Dometic units. The only way they know how to fix it is to relocate the sensor. The kicker is both refused the service call because they said it would be a waste of time. I told them I understood and I was willing to pay them up-front and obviously deal with any reimbursements, they both declined. It was a known issue in the industry and it was a waste of their time since this is the busy season in Florida.

My only negative from the experience is this process seems dismissive to me as a brand new owner. It is clearly a issue, I understand IT IS NOT a Brinkley RV issue per se but they did contribute to the issue a little by moving away from ducting and just dumping all the cold air directly into the return air inlet. If you simply hold the temperature sensor (it is clearly marked when you remove the return air grill) in your fingers the unit will run the compressor successfully for a long period of time.

If you let it go, it will short cycle and in my case run for about a minute. I have tried keeping the fan on and setting a temperature and it continues to short cycle. The bonus room is a bigger issue since all the air dumps directly on top of a cabinet and the issue is worse with that AC unit. Mine today was 78 degrees inside when the thermostat was set to 65…

I am going to try to find someone eventually. I am going to try to go through the steps and bureaucracy of warranty claims with Furrion via Brinkley. I just wish they would rather then dismiss us like this is not happening to admit it seems to be an issue and work with the owners to come up with a solution.


@Highlands I get it man, and clearly this is a defect in design. As you noted just remain clam and go through the process. Let’s give everyone involved time to evaluate and come up with the correct fix. There are thousands of combinations of systems and subsystems in these rigs. The Customer Care folks have to follow a process. Lets stay positive and know that Brinkley won’t leave us hanging.

I upgraded my EasyTouch to the beta, when it rebooted it no longer detects the Furrion AC. I had to delete the existing connection and add it just to get it working in the app. Now it is stuck and it seemly connects from the app, I can’t get into settings to roll back.

We will see was Micro-Air says about next steps.

So like @TotalAlliance said Micro-Air told me they have been seeing this with a bunch of folks with the Furrion AC’s. They said the only fix is to relocate the sensor but they also were very surprised that it would’t be covered under warranty since this is such a common problem in general.

I think the real issue here is for me I have a 3610 so we have a slightly newer and different AC configuration. The bedroom is a problem but the bonus room is really bad. For example it is currently 83 degrees and the AC’s compressor won’t continue to run no matter what the thermostat says. I suspect the issue for us on the 3610 is the a majority of the air dumps directly onto of the cabinetry and I am sure that forces the super chilled air directly back up the return and throws the temperature sensor off.

I have been wondering if someone tested a 3D printed diffuser that would attach to the dump side so rather than come straight down it would push it out parallel to the ceiling?

I like that we don’t have duct work, I think the concept is a solid idea in general BUT either the AC units need to be swapped or we need a way to move the temperature sensor so it reads room temperature and not return duct temperature.

I was able to capture the issue in the midbunk room:

Understand the AC has been on in this room for about 2 hours. I happened to be working, heard the compressor turn on and glanced at the thermostat. When I did I watched it within second drop as if it cooled the room.

I think anyone watching this video can understand it is IMPOSSIBLE for any RV AC to drop the temperature from 71-66 in less in a minute:

While we are on the topic of AC’s the Furrion Chill Cube (the primary AC) is the greatest AC ever made for a RV. It works flawlessly just like a mini-split. If I could put them in the bedroom and mid-bunk I would do it in a heartbeat! It is quiet, it is energy efficient, no more soft start kits. It is just amazing and highly recommended!

This is happening in my coach as well. I had no idea this was happening till you pointed it out. My thermostat is at 77 and I turned it down to 65. It reduces the temperature in the room by about a degree per second till it go to about 67 and you can clearly hear the compressor turn off.

I need to test the bedroom AC to see if mine is operating the sameway.

I spoke with Lippert/Furrion today about the issues. The tech I spoke with said some interesting things:

  1. They are aware with other manufactures that this has been a problem in certain very specific circumstances.

  2. Sending a tech out to do diagnostics is not going to accomplish anything if the unit is otherwise working properly.

  3. Holding the room sensor thus allowing the unit to work properly proves that the unit is not defective. The sensor is clearly reading cold air.

  4. It is abnormal for the temperature to drop almost a degree per second is abnormal and inductive of short cycling.

I can’t speak for the other Z’s but this issue may be worse because the 3610’s design. The mid bunk as I have shown blows cold air directly back at the return and it seems to cause the sensor to read the incorrect temperature too fast.

The Lippert/Furrion tech asked me to check the seal between the compartments for air leakage. I have done that and I feel very little if any air leakage between the dump and return sides.

We spoke about putting a temporary divider between the return and dump side with cardboard. They wanted me to test to see if I separate the air flows if that would assure them that this is as they expected the cold air returning from the air dump.

I am trying to narrow this down but I think we are on the right path to prove there is a clear issue.

As per Furrion I attempted what they asked. It has made a significant improvement. It is a little cooler today but humidity is fairly hight. The issue is not solved but the compressor runs much longer than before.

I am starting to think it is like most failures, a combination of both the dump air being sucked back up into the return AND the AC is oversized for the room it is serving.

I honestly don’t know how we fix this, I would rather put a Furrion Chill Cube in here, since its variable speed it can run slower and possibly could fix this entire issue. The only problem is the movable vent can’t point straight down and MAY even hit the cabinet.

Makes me wonder if we were to try one of Furious different distribution box.

@thechazzz any update from Furrion? I am testing the new Micro-Air beta which kind of helps. I looked at the control box, it wouldn’t be hard to make new sensor wires. It is a 4 prong connector the two wires towards the back (as labeled on the unit) are the freeze sensor, the two forward is the temp sensor.

If we make our own replacement connector it would be easily reverted to OEM for any warranty purposes. With that said even if you modified it Furrion legally can’t deny warranty unless the modification caused the failure and by law they have to prove that.

I am wondering if placing the temp sensor inside the control box would help get a better ambient temperature?