The Furrion Thermostat in our new Z2900 is a piece of crap. We needed the furnace this week-end because a of wet, rainy and windy weather.
We could not get the furnace to run at all. We couldn’t use the fireplace at night because we were boon-docking.
I called our Dealers service department Saturday morning, was told that they would get back to us. No call back. They knew how to sell it but now leaving me in the dark.
The thermostat is way off so and that might be the problem. A hundred thousand dollar rv and freezing our butt off. I AM DISSAPOINTED.

The Furrion AC issues and thermostats are really starting to become a problem. Brinkley Customer Care up to this point argues with us that nothing is wrong but so many different people are having a problem it is starting to really become an issue for them.

I replaced all three of mine with the Micro-Air Furrion Single Zone. They are calibrated so much better, and for the Furrion AC the newest firmware allows you to cycle the fan automatically every few minutes (depending on what you set) so the stupid thermister the AC is located in the return will read a more accurate tempature. This is such a big issue that even Grand Design offers a relocation kit and you will find tons and tons of threads and YouTube videos on this flaw.

What you see on the Furrion display is the temperature reading inside the AC unit on the roof. However, if you have the black nub protruding from the bottom of the thermostat (which I am positive you do) that is the “upgraded” thermostat that reads heat from that location. I don’t think they will ever match so I have no idea how to control it properly.

The AC issues and heating I think are one of the bigger issues that Brinkley needs to address.

@BornBroke I feel your pain I had an old manual thermostat for heat that was separate from AC. The newer 2024’s Z’s have a combined Furrion for both heat/AC. I agree with @ThreatLevelMidnight the only way to kind of get it working properly is to replace the shitty Furrion thermostat with a Micro-Air. No other good options.

You can read a entire thread about this that started months ago:

As for the AC Brinkley did a fantastic job with the Furrion Chill Cube but the other Furrion low profile 9k AC’s suck balls.

My 2900 (#1149) has a Suburban furnace and thermostat.
It also has Furion chill a/c in the main area and a regular Furion in the bedroom. The bedroom thermostat has a heat option but the a/c unit doesn’t have a heat strip so that option is not available in the thermostat.

I am just trying to get the furnace to run on the LP. I know that it does not have a heat strip.

We experienced the same issue. For us the thermostat reads 72* in the cooling mode. When switched into the heating mode it says the room temperature is 78*.
I set the thermostat to run the furnace when the temp dropped to 70*
We spent two cold nights because the furnace never turned on. The third night I set the thermostat to 76* and everything worked fine.
After talking to a person from Brinkley he said the cooling temp reading is sent from the thermistor in the air conditioner. When set to heat, the thermostat controls the heat and whatever temperature the thermostat thinks it is will base the heat set point.
Not a good way to do it.

The Micro-Air Model 353 is a better thermostat but it does not fix the temp sensor issue but the latest firmware does not a work around where you can enable a function to automatically turn on the fan for interval which will help get the sensors to see the correct temperature.

I have a 3610 so I have a separate thermostat for heat that is in the hallway. I wonder if since the furnace does not have a temperature sensor that it would use the Micro-Air one that is built-in for heat. I have found my unit that was dedicated to heat only works perfectly now that I am using this unit.

Z3400, unit #2963 built April of 24, also has a separate, suburban furnace only thermostat in the hallway. Was surprised to find that the bedroom A/C also has a heat pump. We used this several times shortly after taking delivery of our unit and it worked as expected. Lower part of thermostat is marked “heat pump”. There are two mode choices for electric heat; one is labeled HP.

I wish the cooling mode would work as expected. We have already raised this issue with Brinkley customer service. One rep said they were “working on it”. Another, formerly of Furrion and much more impressed with all things Furrion than I, said that was “how it was designed”. If thats the case, then it needs a redo.