Gen-Y Gooseneck Hitch Lock

We just picked up a G4000, and I asked the dealer to add the Gooseneck Gen-Y adapter. I reached out to Gen-Y about the correct hitch lock, and they gave me the P/N of GH-7111. Etrailer is selling this for $300, but Gen-Y sold me one for $150 plus $10 in freight. If anyone is in the market, reach out to them directly. Due to the overall design, it seems like there aren’t too many aftermarket options. I received mine today, it is pretty beefy, I am happy with the purchase.

Just so everyone is aware GH-7111 is for the auto latch coupler (older one) vs the GenY SnapLatch (new one) that just needs the lock as it is built-in.

I called a month ago and they wanted $300 with 15% discount so that is a deal!

I took delivery today on a 24 G4000 dealer delivered. I’m waiting on my flat bed to be built for new truck. The gent that delivered was driving same truck I have F350 DRW. I noticed when he pulled in the landing gears were only about 4” above pavement. I also had the gen y gooseneck installed vs the standard gen y 5th wheel. I have been looking to see if there is any height adjustment on the gen y gooseneck. How high should the front landing gear be off the ground while towing? My last 5th wheel was a good 1’ form the ground. Thanks for any advice on this.

Due to the frame design, the jacks are lower than what I am used to seeing. I have the Gooseneck Adapter. I attached a photo of what it looks like hitched up.

Thank you for pic and feedback.