Gen Y Gooseneck on 2900 or 3100 with F-350 Shortbed

Good morning,

After doing a lot of research, I have reached the point of information overload.

We will soon have a 2024 F-350 Crewcab Shortbed 4x4 7.3l gas with fifthwheel/gooseneck prep and camper package.

We have narrowed our search down to either a 2900 or 3100 Brinkley FW. Am considering the Gen Y Gooseneck hitch and have a few questions:

With the shortbed F350, is the GOOSEPUCK 5″ OFFSET BALL needed for cab clearance for turns approaching 80-90 degrees (or just plain needed)?

If you have a retractable tonneau cover, is there any concern with their rails being hit by the Gen Y during these turns due to the narrowed bedrail space?

Is there enough bedrail clearance (6-8") using the Gen Y Gooseneck on these tall trucks, or is there enough height adjustment when installing the Gen Y?

Thank you for any and all advice and experiences you can weigh in with!

I don’t have a Ford so obvously someone from that camp should confirm but in a GM short bed with the GenY gooseneck I can do a full 90 without the offset. If I used the offset I am pretty sure I would hit the tailgate that is with a factory puck system.

I have a Backflip tonneau cover that is 4 panels and I can just fold back 3 of the 4 panels and the gooseneck can’t hit it.

That’s good to know @ThreatLevelMidnight. Thanks for chiming in. Am curious how close in specs your truck bed is vs. what mine will be.

Does the Backflip have any rails that narrow the bedrail width? If not, do you feel the Gen Y gets within a few inches of the bedrails at 90? I think my Roll-N-Lock will reduce width from 1-2+ inches on each side, but I don’t have the truck just yet.

I have a 2024 F250 with 6 3/4 bed. I installed the roll n lock and absolutely love it. As you can see they do use up some side to side space in the bed (2” per side), however I never had an issue with clearance from the Gen-Y mounted in the stock center puck using just the ball. I do have the 5” extension which I will use on our upcoming trip. I’ll post any results after using that setup…

That’s the same tonneau I have, so this is perfect information for my needs!

So, just to be clear, with the Gen Y gooseneck with the ball in the center hole (no 5" offset yet), you had clearance when turning close to 80-90 without hitting the cab, and your bedrail clearance is good as well (both between bedrails and above the bedrails)?

I will be interested to hear how your experience goes with the 5" offset as well.

Thank you for posting this!

Happy to share and hope this info is useful.

With my setup the roll n lock was never an issue, neither side to side or front to back. Using the stock center puck ball mount only, the clearance between the back glass and the front of the RV was a concern first. I don’t think we ever got to a full 90 degrees but 70 to 80 degrees for sure. I was able to make a 180 degree turn in the cul-de-sac we live in without any problem at all.

The only real issue we had was dropping the tailgate if the truck and RV weren’t in line. I am pretty sure the 5” extension should help with this one.

I will definitely post an update as soon as I have had a chance to tow with the extension later this week…

Just got the email today that my ordered truck is in at the dealer. Looking forward to progressing into ordering the fiver next. Your info has been very helpful with basically the same truck and cover!

Subscribed to your offset adventure and whether it causes any clearance issues with tailgate, etc.

Happy camping

Thanks and congratulations on the new truck. I hope you love yours as much as we do. I’ll post updates as we go forward with the new setup…