Has anyone replaced the tankless water heater for a tanked heater

We dry camp alot. Running the hot water for so long to get hot water waists alot of water. Then we shutnoff the water to wash. When. We turn it back on it is luke warm, then cold, then hot. This is not comfortable.

Now when we have full hookups. The ever lasting hot water and rain shower heads are great. But we dont usually do that.

And with the high flowing shower head or using 2 faucets at the same time the water is not as hot. Too much flow lowers the temperature. That sucks.

It looks like a direct swap with same size opening.

Any suggestions would be great

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I definitely like my tankless water heater. I’ve changed my shower head to a 1.8 gpm shower head and that definitely helps conserve water. However, I watched this video and considering changing my tankless to the Truma tankless water heater. https://youtu.be/fhVusjZgWQY?si=tov7Shc8u_ZZyTCd

I am looking at that too
But i think i will try the show miser first.

Kirk, Do you have a link to the shower miser? Let me know how that works out for you.

@Capt-Kirk many RVers use a High Sierra shower head. I personally love that they are Made in the USA and a small business. I have the 1.25gpm version in my old rig. With a 6 gallon LP/electric water heater we could take back to back showers without the need for recovery. The best part is the 1.25gpm the women seem to love the volume of water to rinse their hair.

Another prop is when my shower head cracked from what I can only assume was freezing they promptly sent me a replacement no questions asked. I like them so much I have the 1.5gpm shower head in my sticks and bricks home.

I am going to order a new black matt one for my Brinkley to replace the removable one in our showers. The head is adjustable so I can aim it better than the one that comes with the unit. I like to use this exclusively when I go dry camping to extend our both fresh capacity and the grey dumps.


HANLIAN High Pressure Shower Head with Pause Button, 3 Spray Modes Shower Head for RV Camper, Water Saving On Off Shower, Handheld Shower Head with Hose and Adjustable Self-adhesive Holder (Black) https://a.co/d/j6kkOWl

We don’t like the tankless water heater in our new 5th wheel. Our last camper had the 12 gallon electric/gas water heater and we never ran out of hot water. You could if you tried but you could turn both gas and electric on at same time for faster recovery.
With the gas fired tankless, you are using your gas even at a park where the electricity is included in your camping fee. And it sucks wasting that much water when dry camping. Water is the most difficult utility to supply when Boondocking. You can use gas grill propane tanks replaceable at many self service outlets and solar panels with lithium batteries for electricity……but a water faucet can be hard to find.

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I’m not a fan of the tankless and wish they gave you an option to order with the 12gal unit (had one in our last Momentum - always had hot water with our family of 4). The tankless seems to waste far too much water IMO.

FWIW - I replaced our handheld sprayer with an Oxygenics Voyager RV unit and seems to work well. I also tried to replace the head with an Oxygenics as well, but just seemed like too much bulk to be bouncing around on that shower unit going down the road.

I’ve been researching this issue myself. It seems the problem is triple fold for boondocking. Water is wasted waiting for hot. Grey tank space waster as fills with perfectly clean water. Propane wasted as well. We used to have a solar shower hung from a tree. It worked fine. But it’s not practical without privacy. I’ve read that the Truma Aqua has a reservoir that hold hot water until you open the valve. After soaping up with water off the cold water can be unpleasant. As a lifetime backpacker I’ve showered with water that was in lakes lined with snow. But kids freak over cold water. The Truma may solve both the wasted water and the freaking out of toddlers.

I am considering swapping it out too.
But i bought the shower miser for now. It lets the water flow through the faucets untill it is hot then stops it, waiting for use. It has a blue indicator that turns white when hot. It send cold water back to the fresh tank untill it gets hot.

That thing is downright ugly looks like an old trailer trash fixture, unless I’m looking at one in a very old style two knob shower valve and not a modern single valve.

You are exactly correct about tank v/s tankless. There is no advantage to the tankless unless you want to run an extreme amount of hot water.
I have a new Model G on order and the first mod I will do is dump the tankless if there is room to replace it with a tank water heater.