Hot water temp’s with the tankless

First trip complete. Camped in Del Norte CO, cold temps (28F overnight) with wind, but noticed the shower and the bathroom sink would not heat above 96. The kitchen sink water temperature would go well over 100*, all the way to 115*- even early mornings.

Has anyone else noticed this or have an idea of why this would be happening? I know those lines go to my outside spray ports (found that out fixing multiple leaks-more on that later), so I made sure those were turned off- I’ve seen that before of my Solitude.
95* for a shower is ok, but a little warmer would be better.

Did you set the tankless to minimum flow rate? It can only increase the temperature so much from the waters ambient temperatures from the faucet.

May have been overlooked @sparkles169 but @Lurch7509 said the kitchen sink is getting fully hot but not the bathroom. It seems like this is just isolated to the bathroom. What I can’t understand is what could make them different. It is not like there is a mixing valve or something that would make them work differently.

@Lurch7509 to confirm when you run the shower only at full blast on hot only you are only seeing the water heater rise to 96? I could see flow being an issue since the shower uses more water than anything else in the rig. Have you attempted to run off your water tank and see if that has similar result.

I would just test the bathroom sink alone for a while and see what that does. The gpm should be very similar to the kitchen sink. The shower using more water would in cold temperatures possibly cause the water to not heat fast enough. In that case you should adjust the flow rate inside the cover of the tankless.

Great suggestions, but @Highlands is correct, kitchen sink would get to 110*+, shower or bathroom sink would only go to 96*. I looked for a mixer valve, couldn’t find one. I couldn’t hold water in the fresh tank due to the tank heater not working, but I don’t think that would’ve made a difference.

I also didn’t see a flow setting on the controller. It has an on/off and temp selection buttons. I’m starting to think it’s an internal restriction on the faucet & shower. IDK.

I don’t think the G’s are using the same water heater @Highlands as the Z’s so the adjustments may be different.

@Lurch7509 I think he is referring to the flow rate on the Model G’s on the outside of the unit. I am not sure what the equivalent of that is on the G’s.

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@Lurch7509 did you ever figure out what was going on? Just wondering if I happen to run into it again in the future.

I haven’t had it out again. No resolution or answers yet.

I just had out my Z3100 for the first time last week. My first expirence with a tankless. NOT IMPRESSED. The water gets hot. But only after you have run out about 2 or 3 gallons of it. We were dry camping and wasted a ton of fresh water. I had to refill after ony two days and three showers. And thats an RV shower. Water on get wet water off. get soapy water on to rinse. I really dont see the advantage of it. And its only gas. My last rig. GD reflection had a small water heater and it had the electric option. We never ran out of hot water and wasted none. It was hot in a second. I like to boonedock and dry camp. Im bummed that this thing wasted so much water. Maybe i could capture the waste somehow and recycle it. Not sure!!

The shower head its nice and all but being non-standard sucks. I heard you that I use to have a dual LP/electric and I used an High Sierra 1.25gpm low flow shower head for dry camping. It honestly had a much strong shower spray then the one Brinkley uses which made the girls happy when rinsing their hair. The benefit is we could take back-to-back showers without having to wait for much hot water recovery. For us that negated the benefits of a tankless.

Now that I am talking about it here, it makes me wonder if I could swap the handheld for this shower head and then use that when dry camping. It would certainly save on overall water usage but won’t solve for all the wasted water.

FWIW I had the same issue in my house and installed a Taco hot water recirculation pump. It has a by-pass valve that installs on your fixture’s water lines. The valve closes automatically when it gets warm and allows the hot water to return via the cold water line. This means no matter how far a fixture is from my homes hot water it get instant hot water all the time. I added a motion sensor to the bathrooms and kitchen and it only runs when someone walks past it, so it is really efficient. It could be easily added to a RV but that may be overkill.

I looked at the bypass pump option. I agree it might be overkill for this application. I think well try and make due for now. But if Brinkley is listening. For us dry campers this system is not ideal!!

Just saying.

Temperature worked much better this time. Both the shower and bathroom faucet temperatures were hot. Up until the controller for the HWH started beeping then when completely out and stopped working.

I managed to grab a code before it went dark and I need a new controller. Emailed the Brinkley customer service rep I’ve been working for our other issues and have a new controller on the way.

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They had to replace our HWH before we picked up our 4000.

Had the same problem wasting water and filling the tanks. Temp outside was 45 degrees maybe turn on the water tank heater prewarm the water so tankless water heater may work better?

Our hot water has been coming and going in the shower lately. Throwing an E3 code. Manual says thermostat issue. The controller will say the water is getting up to about 138 before it throws the code. We have temp set at 120.
Says it could be pressure issue but I’ve been running 40psi since day one with no issues.
Guess I’ll reach out to Brinkley Monday for a new controller. I will admit I am getting a little tired of these calls.