How do I use the Wineguard 5G modem and wifi?

I have the Wineguard prep in my Model Z but I don’t understand how I can set it up and what is needed to make it all work. Do I need extra parts and what service provider to do I use?

I was just reading the manual and it mentioned that you need to buy the wireless unit aftermarket.

It does not seem to show what is needed to make the 5G part run and what carrier options do I have? I am a T-Mobile customer and I would like to use a SIM card from them.

@swilcox727 what you are looking for is the gateway from Winegard Gateway 5G. That gateway runs on the GSM network from AT&T and T-Mobile. This modem and router is pretty crappy overall but it will work if you want basic plug-and-play system.

The cost is insane at close to $900. You can for a fraction of the price get a router with wifi and 5G modem. The only benefit is you are using the external antenna on the roof. I have seen people stuff a 5g router/modem in the ceiling and connect to the antennas on the Wineguard Air 360.

Check out “Mobile Internet Resource Center” on YouTube.

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