How do we fill the water tank from a water bladder?

I do a fair amount of dry camping. Can I set the valves to pull water from a bladder and fill the fresh tank? I know that we can set them to winterize which is pretty close to the something.

However I want to pull the water from the bladder but dump it into the fresh water tank. In the past I would have a fresh water fill so I would run the pump and it would pull from the bladder and dump into the fresh water fill. These rigs don’t have that so I am not sure best way to do this.

I would like to do it without the hassle of carrying another pump.

Any tips/tricks/suggestions?

SIPHON/SANITIZE setting will use pump to pull into the tank

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I understand the siphon function takes a long time.
I use a ryobi 18v waterpump

What I see from YouTube is they use the PowerFILL Tank setting and use an external water pump in between. They suggest to use/have the same water pump as your RV, so that you have a backup, just in case.