How to prevent rust on the frame and components?


I know the frame is powered coated, how do I protect the rest of the components. I am going to be towing down south soon and worry about the salt on the roads causing a problem. What steps…products can I use to help prevent any issues?

I sprayed mine with marine rust prevention product all over the landing legs and down the frame. I was fairly liber around the threads of the bolts on the suspension (in the event I ever had to pull it apart). Basically any exposed metal. The product I used was like a waxy coating once applied.

What products are you using?

I used the Corrosion X product before with varying degrees of success.

You might also consider Rustoleum Rusty Metal Primer. It comes in either black or red. I would presume black would be best. I used it to coat the steel tubes of a hangar I built years ago. Years later, no rust. The nice thing is, even if you do spot some rust you can spray this stuff right over it. It’s a matte finish so if you want it to be shiny, just spray some black gloss over it.

Many people have tested products. In Marine use coating CRC Heavy Duty Corrosion Inhibitor has been the top product to prevent rust.

I spray all parts of the frame and metal surfaces once a year.

Be careful it does leave a yellow tint.