Impressed (mostly) with 3100Z 5th Wheel

The wife and I went out today and looked at a 3100Z 5th wheel and was very impressed with the rig. The fit, finish, and quality of workmanship looked great. But there is always something that can be improved. For one thing, the width of the 3100 is 96 inches. Our current rig is a Keystone Avalanche which has a width of 100 inches. You wouldn’t think you would notice it being only 2 inches on each side, but you do.

Another thing was the air conditioners. I didn’t care for the direct dump ductless system and would have preferred a whisper quiet ducted AC system instead. The dealer turned on the AC while we were there and I thought the 18K BTU unit was just too loud especially if you were trying to watch TV.

The shower is smaller than our Avalanche, but perhaps that extra 4" would help :slight_smile:

The bedroom mattress looked impressive, much thicker than the el-cheapo that came with the Avalanche. Anyone know what brand it is? Is it a comfortable mattress?

On our current rig, it uses the 6-point Lippert Hydraulic Level-Up system that works well. I see on the 3100 they used the Ground Control 3.0 electric leveling which I don’t care for.

I see they went with H rated 16-ply tires which was a surprise. The Avalanche has G-rated tires and back in 2017 when we bought it, that was a step up from most manufacturers. So with H rated, those tires should last a long time going down the road, and very little chance for a blowout if they are maintained properly.

Seemed like plenty of garage space and was very impressed with the quality of the trim inside the garage.

Although the retractable water hose was kinda cool, I would have much preferred a retractable motorized 50A power cord instead. I’m not getting any younger and dragging around a 50A cable is getting to be a pain.

So other than the improvements I have noted, like I mentioned, the 3100Z is a very nice RV. Not sure yet if it will be the one we will end up with, but it’s right at the top of the list.

You must be looking at a late 2023 unit. Sometime late fall they witched to a 18k Btu Furrion Chill Cube which is a variable speed compressor and is whisper quiet in operation. Possibly a little fan noise as it cools down a warm rig but you leave it on all day and it will continuously run.

The other change that makes me believe this was “older” unit is they switched to all hydraulic. Did this have the electric jacks? The Z does not have a garage, that would be a model G toy hauler. Are you referring to the pass-through compartment possibly?

Yes, I was referring to the pass-through compartment. And it did have the electric jack. Sounds like I was viewing a 2023 and it’s great they went to the hydraulic leveling. I think the dealer will be getting some 2024’s in so we will take another look at them once they get the new stock.

It confused me because the recent quick start video for the Z has electric jacks in it and the video is only a week or so old. My 3610 is all hydraulic, I was under the impression from a Brinkley rep at a show that once Micah worked on the 3610 prototype was impressed and switched the other Z all over to hydraulic.